Trump says China, Japan approve of his N Korea strategy


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they should. Trump has accomplished more in one year than Obama did in 8.

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they should. Trump has accomplished more in one year than Obama did in 8.

8 days maybe.

Trump has been the most ineffectual president ever.

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Trump misspelled Xi's first name as "Xinping" in the first version of his tweet about China but later corrected it.

Haha. What a tard.

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Let's keep in mind one thing. North Korea, including Kim Jung Un and his father, Kim Il Sung, have always wanted face-to-face talks with the US President but our Presidents have, wisely, never agreed to it. Why? Because North Korea's preconditions were unacceptable to us and because such a meeting would only give prestige and legitimacy to the Kim regime.

Now the moron-in-chief has impulsively agreed to a summit meeting, without consulting his advisers and contrary to the advice of everyone with any foreign policy knowledge and common sense.

What a complete farce.

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I don't see any strategy at all.

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Trump is facing criticisms for agreeing to this meeting. It’s always been Lucy holding the football and Charlie Brown tricked again. Will NK be serious this time?

He now says China and Japan supports him to legitimize the decision. The headline is a bit off though as if he needed China’s approval.

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It does seem that this President is doing quite a lot in such a short period of time. Just saying.......

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Yeah! Trump passed a horrendous tax bill and, uh ... Anything else? He hasn't even appointed an ambassador to SK.

And, no, he has no strategy. He has whims combined with lack of self-control. I still doubt the meeting will ever be held, much less that anything will come from it. (Does he even have an agenda?)

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Hahaha, Abe agreed to put money on the table.

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Long time of erroneous Trump administration concerning world will bring a good reputation to his next election? Well, if it will be successful for world peace, I feel better to conceive his action, for the first time.

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Crippling sanctions at work.

Talking about coming to the table and starting dialog. Good. No meet set yet. No locations set yet.

No viable agenda yet.

Everyone calm down. Will wait to see what happens with some optimisms.

Should talks occur. I want see Mattis in the mix. Leave Rex behind.

 "I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years."- Gen. Mattis

Something the DPRK should keep in mind when negotiating with the current administration.

@CrazyJoe, Really good point.

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This governing by tweet stinks. We need a real president who has a command of the English language and can read. Trump appears to be lacking in both skills.

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It will be nice if this discussion will not play so much on personalities, political innuendos and sly remarks.

This definitely will affect the US and our host country. It will affect you and me.

China has been the most deceptive and the most aggressive country "against" the US and Japan. It has worked "directly" with and for N Korea. That is one reason why US tried to use China to stop N Korea's aggressive activities. It obviously did not work. But no one knows if China actually did try to stop N Korea or actually "aided" N Korea. Current activities regarding the sanctions actually proved that China did not really care or make an effort. China continued to supply N Korea with undisclosed and indeterminable materials labeled as food and other necessities not covered by sanctions.

Meanwhile, China has been building fortresses in the S China Sea and deceptively building railway systems into Southern Asia and Northern Asia past Middle East into Europe. All the while it is making loans in the guise of "aid" to Asian and African nations at loan interest rates that are impossible to meet and requiring the funding to be used only for infrastructures, especially sea ports and train systems to be built by using Chinese materials and workers, then those workers actually staying, living and occupying the country and controlling the transportation infrastructure of those countries.

And since the melting of the N Pole ice, China as with Russia with their Naval power have been building infrastructures to "control" the ocean passage along the North Pole between the Pacific and Europe.

They are moving to control land and sea transportation networks backed by their military. And this N Korean situation is certainly questionable.

For China to agree, it means that it may be a deception to take up US and world attention while they make a move in other areas.

Japan, with a very wishful thinking population in dreamy technological abundance and idealistic pursuits, believing that the bickering political parties in power will somehow do the right thing, is out of it. They expect the government to take "responsibility" for everything. If anything goes wrong, then it is the government and the leaderships' "fault". The problem has been that the system in place had worked in the past internally for Japan. But the people although aware, have not kept up with the underlying workings of the system to really understand that what the government has been doing to maintain the system has come to a limit and requires some major changes in thinking as the world changes and new and different challenges arise. The N Korean problem is important but a small part of the world.

Although I believe that it is no longer internationalism or globalism but time to face mankind as a whole reaching out to the universe, the world is still struggling to find and identify what "humanity" is and could become. There are those that are advancing so fast, much tool fast, and those that will be left behind. Sadly, that difference is and will cause the loss of many lives.

So therefore, I hope this discussion will become more focused on the issues at hand.

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while he prepares for a summit by May with the Kim.

"the Kim"


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Trump is too busy to insult China now. And his scandal with porno star. Wait a little, he will begin insulting Kim and Moon.

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