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Trump, Japan, China seek to counter N Korean 'menace'


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Taro Aso :"Man, this discussion again?".

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Trump, Japan, China seek to counter N Korean 'menace'

So has China finally agreed to pull the plug on North Korea's energy? Or stop blocking or watering down UN resolutions sanctioning North Korea? I don't see it in the article so I don't understand the headline.

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Trump, Japan, China seek to counter N Korean 'menace'

How about The U.S.A. , Japan , China ? Ridiculous headline.

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Trump has voiced his frustration in recent days that China hasn't done more, suggesting he may be moving on. But during his meeting, Trump told Xi, "I appreciate the things that you have done relative to the very substantial problem that we all face in North Korea."

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So, the lead story in the global media today is how 19 of the G20 countries signed a policy blueprint for the Paris Accord, with the US isolating itself still further. No mention here. Instead, we have a load of photos of Abe with Trump or Abe standing near Trump. Like it's a good thing. Funny.

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Abe can shock and awe North Korea by eliminating peace article in Japanese constitution.

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"We" is a French word, and China is doing the Asian "yes." It has no intentions of helping with NK, but if President Trump wants to believe that Putin and Xi will try, then he really is naive. President Trump did not make the "deal" and got the bill at the end of the party.

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@Mulan:   Every time when Abe tried to change constitution, too many opposition by people who think Japan will be back to militant country.  But situation and weapon differ.  He could use self defense clause.  Japan manufacture

 drones and robots. If it does not want to use soldiers, use remote controlled robots crop. Bombs on Pyongyang factories.  by now, Japanese people don't mind destroying Pyongyang I think.   Just tell doing to rescue Japan.

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Lol. Instead of saying U.S or America, you say Trump. Lol.

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Respecting the venue of this issued Hamburg-Germany to be G20. This G20 was one of the most wasted time and invalid meeting to many countries participated. N. Korea is a "menace" pointing only one country who deny diplomatic table of what still is cease‐fire truce in Korean Peninsula, not an end-war agreement. So, why all those countries all not going to mention that? Why those top world leaders don't understand what a primary school kid naturally understands.

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while I do agree Japan needs to open it agriculture market, for the so called trade imbalance to be equalized, the average Japanese citizen would have to consume nearly twice as much American made imports as Americans consume Japanese made imports. And no mention of the $billions in investments by Japanese automakers in American factories employing 100s thousands of Americans making Japanese cars sold in the US, (70% of Japanese cars sold in the US are made in the US) Just how many American companies employ Japanese workers manufacturing American goods sold in Japan!!?? oops sorry forgot theyre made in China!

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by now, Japanese people don't mind destroying Pyongyang I think

By now, NK people also don't mind destroying Tokyo I think. Is it a trade you want to make?

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by now, Japanese people don't mind destroying Pyongyang I think.

Can you back this up with evidence, please? That's not the impression I'm getting.

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Abe has one advantage when discussing with any WH brig shots.  Anything they talk behind Abe's back, he understand.  He is fluent in So. Calf. English. 

@Toasted: You are now getting my impression.  I have been a peacenik Japanese.

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