Trump warns China 'warrior Japan' could take action on N Korea


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Japan was a warrior nation. I don't know what Abe said to Trump, but clearly Japan constitutionally denounces war.

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However, Trump also said that President Xi Jinping has been "pretty terrific" on North Korea, and that "China is helping us."

Is China also helping 'us' (in Trumps vocabulary 'us' is his family, not the American people) expand the Trump brand and set things up for him to develop hotels, golf courses and escort services there?





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Wow..now I'm not sure if Trump is so stupid as to not know that Japan can not be a "warrior" because of it's constitution....or he is actually very smart and feeding on China's constant absurd propaganda about Japan re-militarizing and returning to imperialism.

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warrior nation? I guess Trump doesn't know Japan very well.

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@OssanAmerica = that's why Abe-san will revise the constitution

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That's basically the same thing as reaching past another guy to slap the backside of another dude, and when he turns around, point to the other guy and say, "He did it."

Stop trying to pick a fight, Trump. And stop trying to get Japan to fight it for you.

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Would "Trump gives N. Korea more reason to develop a nuclear deterrent" be a more suitable headline?

He is causing problem after problem, and Abe is not helping to solve any of them.

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Moot warrior, watcher. Japan will not fight for Trump.

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We need a Winnie the Pooh meme for this photo.

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Warriors that love to bully their junior classmates?

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We need a Winnie the Pooh meme for this photo.

Tiger the tiger and Po the panda fight over which is better, strips or spots.

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USA has been operating wars in too many countries. And hasn't been winning. Japan needs to stay away from US wars.

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It is not only constitution but also Japan knows big mistake in creating WWII. No more war time Japan enjoyed technical growth. Low on natural resources but Japan could afford to purchase.

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Bit of insight Japan's own produced military equipment is of a high standard.

Ditto for other countries like South Africa, Switzerland, Austria(Glock, Steyr) and more and those sell well globally. Like the French Unimog, Swiss Lav 25, etc.

Yep, peaceful countries make some of the best military weapons.

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USA won war and still keeping war. Meanwhile loser Japan encroached American industry.

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Like it or not, Article 9 is just a formality at this point. You will get to see what Trump is talking about soon enough. Think, and spread what you want regarding propaganda. That's fine...

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superbird1, Abe may break the constitution. That is his problem, not the constitution problem. But Abe will not be successful. All North East Asian people will be against him. I hope that Japanese military will defend peace, not Abe.

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Agree, support for changing the Constitution is low and the populace got the final say in the required referendum.

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I don't think the cradle of the asian civilization would be fooled by such remarks. Japan had and still have the beloved samurais, but Japan has to thank China for multiple things; Kanji, chopsticks, religion (buddhism), Han-system, Tea-ceremony etc. Japan would've looked completely different and "western" without influence from China.

Just like thanks to Greece, we have democracy etc. It's important not to forget our ancient civilizations!

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This is Trump using a bogus line to stir up issues that deflect attention away from himself.

He knows Japan can not take preemptive action while its contitution remains as is.

His real objective is to have China and North Korea scrutinize Japan more and USA less.

And Perhaps to goad Japan into making changes. Traditionally Japan has been a warrior nation. This is not true of the current generation who for the most part are pacifist. That could change fairly fast if Japan was attacked directly either by China or North Korea.

But dont hold your breath for a Japanese attack on North Korea. That wont happen. Nor should it.

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Komeito is against it(poof goes the majority).

Komeito got their own agenda which often goes counter to LDP, but they got a bigger chance pushing them Vs an opposing party.

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Japanese people must be firmly against Abe to change the constitution. Don't give him a chance for a war. The risk is too high for generations to come.

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OMG. Trump is going to get Japan involved in a war. THANKS AMERICA!!!!

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30 minutes have passed since I posted the above post. I'm still totally bumbed out. I just can't believe that anyone, much less president of the USA, could say something so provocative and completely STUPID!!!!!!! Trump is a threat to the entire world. Please RINOs and swamp, keep him at bay!! Or locked in a small room for all our own good! Plus I bet Xi has having a really good laugh.

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"Warrior Japan" has not been at war for over 70 years. Funny Trump should say what he said right after visiting Pear Harbor.

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AkieToday 06:39 am JSTJapan was a warrior nation. I don't know what Abe said to Trump, but clearly Japan constitutionally denounces war.

Which is why Abe didn't : say" anything to Trump, Why do you constantly stretch to blame Abe for everything? Even dumb things that Trump says?

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ozziedesignerToday 08:31 am JST@OssanAmerica = that's why Abe-san will revise the constitution

I see some people swallow the CCP propaganda hook line and sinker. BTW Australia supports Japan revising it's constitution and military constraints.

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Now North Korea AND China can use this as "proof" that Japan really is an aggressive militaristic "warrior nation", admitted by the US President himself. Now they can justify even more whatever military programs they want to develop. Good job.

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Trump's lack of knowledge of Japan is frighteningly scary! Japan is a pacifist country whose constitution forbids a standing military. And he says we are a "warrior nation"? Impossibly stupid!!! That is why Abe is keeping him occupied playing golf and being entertained by the pen-pineapple guy.

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Stupid Trump DOES NOT speak for Japan, let alone the U.S.A.! He just can't keep his big mouth shut. That idiot doesn't realize that Japan in its constitution has renounced war forever. After the mistakes of WWII and realizing how they were tricked by a totalitarian regime during that period, the Japanese people learned that war is not an answer. When will America learn? This loudmouth does not speak for us Americans!

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Trump seems to have picked up his "understanding" of Japan from a Samurai movie. I wonder which one.

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What Trump means is that now under Commander Abe, Japanese are now America's warriors!

American Ninjas !

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@Hiro S Nobumasa

What Trump means is that now under Commander Abe, Japanese are now America's warriors!

I doubt Trump himself knows what he means. The only thing he does know is people are continuing to investigate him and question his abilities. He doesn't like that.

Most Japanese are happy to continue to have an American dictated constitution that denies the right to have a military and to use preemptive force in a dispute. Japan must allow any future enemy to take the first shot. And they hope they can then recover and defend themselves. Sadly Defense does not win most wars. The ability to defeat your enemy wins wars. Yes it is best not to get into a war but many times, when attacked, its not your choice. Surrender and be at the complete mercy of your attacker or defend yourself and your way of life and hope you and your allies, if you have any, will win the war.

I agree all sovereign nations should have the right to defend themselves. And that it should be in their constitution.

Warrior Japan can be a force for good or bad, its always been in the hands of the Japanese people. They got it wrong in WWII but that does not mean they cant be right the next time. Everyone can learn from their mistakes.

If they can admit they made one.

Trump is talking garbage and he knows it.

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Ossan, Abe can make a public statement to clarify if he will attack NKorea, but he didn't. Abe can also make a statement to abandon the idea to change article 9, but he didn't. Abe is a dangerous Puppet Monster, and he is not peaceful.

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AkieToday 12:19 am JSTOssan, Abe can make a public statement to clarify if he will attack NKorea, but he didn't. Abe can also make a statement to abandon the idea to change article 9, but he didn't. Abe is a dangerous Puppet Monster, and he is not peaceful.

Yes yes, we get that you hate Abe. But Abe has not lobbed ballistic missiles over another country. Or conducted nuclear tests in violation of UN resolutions. Or built artificial islands in disputed waters then militarized them. So your allegation that he is "not peaceful" is ridiculous.


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Ossan, What did Abe do to NKorea, do you know ? NKorea isn't the only country violated UN resolutions to test nuclear weapon but Abe is very supportive to other nation, why ? NKorea shouldn't fire missile over Japan but it is still outside Japanese territory. China doesn't build artificial Islands in disputed water, it is claimed long ago in last century and is still outside of other's disputable EEZ. PH doesn't dispute with China of these Islands, Vietnam doesn't dispute either. Only Asian country disputs with China is Japan, under Abe. If you call these Islands militarized, you really should come to Japan to learn the meaning of militarization.

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trump's just fanning the flames from afar. the moment any spark flutters hes going to crash the door down with plenty fire extinguishers... and the more he fans it and no spark arise, would be proof its all talk and no action.

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"Trump is talking garbage and he knows it."

Greetings !

With due respect I do believe that Trump is just being honest.

There used to be a time when American foreign policy was masked in the so-called ' Strategic Ambiguous Ambiguity ' doctrine.

Now no more. Donald is no longer hiding the fact that America is friends with China but at the same time is openly preparing for war with Beijing by massaging and egging Abe's ego with the promise of full military alliance and support against the PRC.

While some world leaders such as India's Modi and the PH's Duterte clearly saw such a dangerous double -dagger play it's unfortunate that the victim of Stockholm Syndrome that is Shinzo Abe completely embraced this exposed American bread and butter game of divide and conquer with ultimate monopoly.

Thus it's ok for Abe that Okinawa is now perpetually the Crimea of Asia and mainland Japan is saturated with Amerikano colonizer military bases which is in reality a masked leash on the neck of Nippon rather than a defensive saber against imaginary invaders.

Japan up to this day is under a colonizer constitution that in itself is no longer an ambiguous ambiguity to most Japanese and Abe is just right to create a truly Nippon Constitution dictated not by the invader turned colonizer but by the Japanese people primarily and exclusively.

PM Abe should now be careful if the Amerikano colonizers permission for him to write a new constitution means Japanese will be hoodwinked into being American Ninja Warriors.

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There is little chances that japan could take the matter in his own hands.

This is now a UN matter, so it is a USA matter after making urge diplomacies mistakes.

It will be a USA nuclear surgeon strike, if there is a matter at hand.

Trump is just trying to help the end of a non nuclear japan to be allowed - which is not his priority - to bring USA nuke on Okaïdo. The only thing that matter to trump is trump.

Actually, Japan is not in a good shape to be able to change his constitution. Abe have lost control on his extrem right side as much as in himself as in his party as in his country. I don't see Japan no going to war if a nuke came into their hands. They don't handle well diplomacy provocation. As soon as you have this power into your hand, it takes time to come back to yourself and remember diplomacy is hard but the real easy way. We don't have that kind of time to give to Japan.

The corean problem is handled by the world UN level. What does that mean ? It's meaning that you need to have world security level to be able to handle the problem. Russia, USA, France are in charge. North Corea is a world nuclear security risk. She has stolen technology through awful means and is trying to give it to insane religious people. She has an insane leader at his top.

Trump is just using a nuclear japan to put pressure on China, and by selling the nuclear future of japan keeping it close as a friend and on his side against North Corea.

When it will be a time of peace, we will talk about changing japan constitution. But, in a time of crisis ? It would be a stupid diplomacy move of UN.

We still don't have the position of your emperor on that matter and his son would be ill advise to put his first priority on war but peace.

We all have an history. Japan have a bad one. Getting the world trust back - or keeping it - should be his only priority.

The world will protect Japan. All our kids love japan and their mangas. This is the best security belt you could have in the world. All our kids crying for yours. Japan is not alone when he is a public member of the good peacefull world. We will always protect our younger human family members who should not have to sell their peace dream for an insane man or two.

Good evening,


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Without Japan and the US I would propose that there wouldn't even be 'a North Korea' and that the Asian sphere of prosperity that Japan sought might also be reality....

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