Trump, Xi could meet in June in Osaka at G20 summit


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The Art of the Deal!! Mexico is going to pay for it, China is gong to pay for it, the U.S. taxpayers are going to pay for it. And your final answer is?

As for Kudlow..."a risk we should and can take." Yeah, if you're rich and don't shop at Walmart or care if you can't take your soybeans to market.

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Trump, Xi could meet in June in Osaka at G20 summit

2 cheeks of the same backside could meet in June in Osaka at G20 summit

There. fixed it.

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Trump is an interesting man. He smiles and shakes hands but that does not mean anything. It must have been the way he did in his businesses.

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Why can't they hold these gabfests on some ocean liner out in the sea? Security would be much easier to manage, and all the security theatre wouldn't disrupt the daily lives of us plebs.

But then that's the whole idea, isn't it? To remind us who's in charge.

And while Trump's relatively harmless if a bit of a boor, XI is a true monster who shouldn't be allowed within a thousand miles of this country.

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This will not happen. trump is not known as the COWARD DICTATOR for nothing.

In saying that, if Mr Kim (trumps bff) attends, he might show up for a cuddle.

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Trump has put himself in this position. He loses if he backs out, he loses if he stays in. No sympathy for him, will his rust belt and farming supporters still be on board when their business suffers, people end up jobless, and American's start paying more for Trump's trade war with China?

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trump is not known as the COWARD DICTATOR for nothing.

He isn't known as the coward dictator lol.

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He isn't known as the coward dictator lol.

I've seen people calling him that lots. He certainly is known as that.

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He isn't known as the coward dictator lol.

His names are legion. Coward dictator is one of the more, er, polite ones.

Anyway, two authoritarian eejits will meet to jaw and meanwhile, their people will continue to suffer under their respective "leaderships".

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The problem is that the US use trade as a weapon to advance its world domination: do as we say or we will increase tariffs, or place sanction on you or place secondary sanctions on you. If these don't work we will topple your government and invade you; for your own good of course.

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Such meetings should be in the Octagon.

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Trump: Xi, my man, whazzup....

Xi: Donald, we are in a trade war, you placed tariffs on many Chinese products...

Trump: Trade war? Nah, this is just something I cooked up to distract from the Mueller report and the 20 other investigations I'm under...got to change the subject...

Xi: But Donald, these tariffs will hurt your steel, construction, auto workers in middle and southern America...and our reciprocal tariffs will kill US farmers....

Trump: So what, who cares...

Xi: Donald, this is dangerous, this could crash world markets and start a depression...

Trump: Depression? Sounds like something all my wives had....

Xi: But what will happen to your clothing line and Ivanka's shoe line all made here in China?

Trump: Your guys work cheap - much cheaper than American workers, so we'll press with that - besides, didn't I promise you a penthouse at Trump Tower Tienanmen Square?

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