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Trump's position on trade, alliances could strain Asia ties


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Prepare yourselves for the impending disaster of the implosion of the USA! Also, is Trump going to apply the 45% tax to his clothing line that is made in China? Abe must love him for supporting the re-militarization of Japan. For sure, within 5 years young Japanese will be dying in Trump started wars somewhere in the world. The US has gone bonkers. It is certainly not the USA I spent a year at studying at the end of the 90s.

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Trump is even more obsessed with Japan than with China.


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Ya think ?

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He has accused India and Vietnam, which have pulled closer to the U.S. as China’s might has grown, of taking American jobs.

No Donald, Chinese, not U.S. jobs, are migrating to India and Vietnam. This from a guy who constantly touts his business expertise.

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In order to win GOP Michigan primary, Trump said if he is elected, he will stop daily import of many ten thousand Japanese cars to USA, Instead of projected Ohio Governor Trump won Mich.

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Likely Scenario: Chinese Reminbi at 5 versus 1 USD, Japanese Yen at 90 versus 1 USD. Huge political pressure on Asian currencies can be expected after US Presidential Election both from Trump and Clinton. US is going protectionist. All big Asian exporting nations are going to experience serious trading and economic setback.

Military tension in Asia can be expected to increase. It's going to be difficult.

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And Trump always say Japan stole American jobs. He used to repeat he will bring back all stolen jobs back from japan, I am not going to worry him. Hillary will win.

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That is free trade and free market "a la trump", protectionism, I imagine his own product made in China will escape the fat tax.....

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Dear World,

On behalf of rational Americans, we apologise for the segment of our society that somehow believe that Trump is a suitable candidate for president. Thankfully, as seen in the news today, we are now taking stronger efforts to end this insanity and assure that this individual does not achieve his power goals.

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On behalf of rational Americans, we apologise for the segment of our society that somehow believe that Trump is a suitable candidate for president.

Thank you. It's nice to know that you aren't all dumb as posts (although to be fair, I already knew that).

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Anyone else see the irony in Trump talking about madmen with their finger on the nuclear trigger?

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Anyone else see the irony in Trump criticizing the outsourcing of manufacturing to other countries? Letterman called him out on it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYoOPgeTMQc

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He talks a big game, but America is in no position to go bad mouthing its allies and potential partners in Vietnam and India. There is a lot of anger over disappearing jobs among the American middle class. That's driving a lot of this sentiment, but very few of those jobs would come back to America no matter what scheme he comes up with. Its a waste of energy. That horse bolted at least 30 years ago. America is a creative capital, drawing in the best and the brightest, which in turn farm work out to developing countries for production. Its not a place to make widgets for 10 cents each.

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very few of those jobs would come back to America no matter what scheme he comes up with.

The only way the jobs would come back to America is if they imposed enough tariffs on foreign produced goods that it became cheaper to manufacture in the US.

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The only way the jobs would come back to America is if they imposed enough tariffs on foreign produced goods that it became cheaper to manufacture in the US.

Which would almost certainly result in China implementing similar tariffs and Chinese consumers switching to high end manufactured goods from Korea, Japan and China itself. Apple would not be happy. I can understand the desire and the logic behind it. China got away with manipulation for years. Its a very high stakes game though, given the Chinese/Indian markets will be multiples of the U.S in the coming decades.

Maybe they would better off following the Australian example and increasing minimum wages to reasonable levels so the average person can afford to do something more than keep their head above water, actually spend more disposable income thereby creating more jobs in the service/retail/trade and professional sectors.

Wages are too low in the U.S for the working class.

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All the Republican party presidential candidates are a complete and utter political train wreck. As potential future leaders they truly are an insult to the legacy of Lincoln, Grant, and Roosevelt, the pathetic playground politicking, and name calling.

Trump is a caricature of everything I despise in a potential leadership candidate, a mockery of the prestige of high office, more than capable of dismantling every economic and diplomatic accomplishment achieved since World War II.

Trump wants to unravel the US Government critical role in reducing barriers to trade and investment that has fueled the ethos behind economic growth. Trump is incapable of comprehending or interpreting cultural perspectives or barriers.

Japan has been an committed ally, friend and host to US forces forward bases. Trump could well ponder the sentiment behind the closing verse of the Star spangled banner......

O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand Between their loved home and the war's desolation! Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: 'In God is our trust.' And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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But he's more than willing to accept money from rich Chinese for his business projects.

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Donald - C. U. Next. Tuesday

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I don't think wages are too low in the US. Prices are too high. I go abck and forth from the US to Japan. I'm in Japan now and restaurants are much cheaper than in the US. (And better food, but that's another story...)

Except for gasoline, everything else seems cheaper in Japan now.

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The idea that jobs are being stolen by China and Japan (Japan?) is rediculous. American executives in NYC sky scrapers DECIDE to send the jobs to China. It is easy to get the jobs back to America. The executives just decide to make stuff in the US. Trump is a businessman, right? HE DECIDED to have his clothing line made in China. He knows.

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Although Trump is ultimately wrong in his criticisms, I can give the guy some credit in this particular case for criticizing others across the board, instead of turning a blind-eye to a specific country just because they're allies. But again, ultimately wrong on his part since the US is much more to blame for their current situation, and pointing fingers is the typical thing to do instead of owning up to the responsibility.

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He has no knowledge about diplomacy or trade. He is a total mess. Don't lose sleep over a mouthy brat.

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“If somebody attacks Japan, we have to immediately go and start World War III, okay? If we get attacked, Japan doesn’t have to help us. Somehow, that doesn’t sound so fair,” Trump said

Ha-ha . . . I wish those SEALDs brats would refute this.

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Mr. Trump seems to know that human rights do not exist in some parts of the world. Toppling Husain in Iraq making a political vacuum to give birth to IS and supporting the opposition forces in Syria who are little better than hooligans while thawing out with Iran again seems rather chaotic. He may be little interested in putting the Middle East in order. In that sense his diplomacy may be peaceful. His such stance will baffle Neocon and Wall Street. And will shake up Japan’s peace-at-any-price attitude which is actually at America’s price.

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Free loading? Yeah make yourself useful to the world, America . Do you think the Asians believe your 'freedom' nonsense these days? He'll do you even believe it yourself?

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The protesters can do whatever they like and and Trump supporters will do the same and it will still come down to what the voters want and if they want him and he gets enough votes, that's it.

Exactly. The protesters are very-very angry. They can do whatever they want. They better remember the Executive branch of US gov -yes, Law Enforcement / National Guard- have a job to do.

I was angry too when obama beat McCain. But hey, I tried. I voted. I was (still am) a sore loser, but I would never do any violence . . . .

. . Like what we've been seen lately at Trump rallies.

Stay classy Left. The world is watching.

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One must remember that all of Trumps rhetoric at this time is to get Nominated. He is "appealing" to a diverse group of people with different concerns, living under different situations and conditions. That is really to get votes. For now the vote getting is important for any candidate. Unlike the extremely "unique" Dr, Carson, the media and the political parties as with the candidates in the past have and now still do get rapped up in "rhetoric" and posturing. That is politics all over the world, including in our own work places and even in our personal lives.

His rhetoric apparently is "reflecting" by the votes and by the turnout to the poles, a large percentage of the USA population of all political and racial groups and their concerns for economic stability and improved conditions. Therefore, it is NOT just his own views. There are many that agree with him, may be not in the specifics as much as in the "intent" of what he is trying to accomplish. In motivating a people to vote, there is a need to be rather "general" rather than specific in order to reach a "wider" group of people that agree to a particular issue or concern.

In essence, politics is in the powers of communication. Agree or not, Trump has gotten everyone's attention. That is the power of the ability to use rhetoric and communication techniques to make one think and feel and take action, one way or another. That is really why we are now motivated to express our opinions here.

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