Turkey accepts Tokyo governor's apology on Istanbul bid


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Uh-oh, Istanbul 1 vs Tokyo -1.

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Inose is as bad as the idiot he replaced

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Who is the sportsman and gentleman here?

I'll give you a hint, it isn't the dude from Japan that's for sure. The minister from Turkey took the high road, and right one in my opinion. He could have blasted back at Inose, but he held his tongue. I hope the IOC looks at this too and selects Istanbul for the games!

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Agree with Yubaru.

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The Madrid bid is in bad shape with the Spanish doping scandal, so we're still in the race.


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Inose made sure IOC skips Japan. Inose did not know IOC people value sportmanship more than bad mouthing.

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and tokyo don't need another olympic ever

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A classy reply. He could have given a belligerent or sarcastic retort but instead went for the mature, thoughtful approach. I'm sure he also knew that this reply would impress the IOC. Inose gave him an open goal, and he stroked it into the net.

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This is one of the reasons why i love turkish ppl and istanbul! ppl r soo kind! ^^

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Man, this just plays more and more in Turkey's favor, and against Japan. You now have an internationally known comment from the Japanese head of the Olympic committee, and his internationally known apology for racist remarks in a bid to get the games, and Turkey's very calm, well stated acceptance of said apology. I wonder if Inose realizes he may have single-handedly sunk any lead Japan had on the games in his attempt to get them. As with Ishihara before him, truly a bigoted moron.

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I think Istanbul was always the better choice since Tokyo already hosted the games, but now when Tokyo does lose the bid, this fool will be held responsible by the Japanese people.

Turkish people like Japan historically, so it is annoying when one man's remarks can ruin that. Luckily Kilic took the high road to relieve tensions.

What also annoys me though is that many Japanese (my wife included) give a "shou ga nai" attitude about Inose's comments, just because he is a Japanese ossan that knows no better and meant no harm. The fact is that not only did he break IOC rules by attacking another candidate, his comments were also borderline racist. So it is a big problem if someone like that is in his position to begin with.

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The minister from Turkey took the high road, and right one in my opinion. He could have blasted back at Inose, but he held his tongue

It's easier to do the right thing when it's also the smart thing.

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It's called diplomacy.

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Nessie: "It's easier to do the right thing when it's also the smart thing." Goes the other way, too. Easy to do the right thing after you've been forced to, despite the fact you do not agree. Inose is yet another case in point.

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Japanese people are known as brave, hardworking, noble by all (yes, all) Turkish people. What the governor said was needless.

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Maybe, Osaka, Nagoya, etc will bid for 2026 Olympic to Japan? They failed in past. I am sure other cities will have governors who can read Japanese language translated Olympic Guidelines.

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IOC guideline states 'criticizing rival bids are forbidden under IOC rules'.

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I did not know Japanese people are known as brave, hardworking, noblr by all). which countries? Who did this research in all countries in the world?

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Toshiko, I know it. I am a Turkish .

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I've heard before how Turkish people think well of Japan, and my Japanese friends who traveled to Turkey all said people treated them very nicely. I hate Inose for being so disrespectful and ignorant, especially when they are being real good friend. I didn't want Olympic to happen in Japan anyway and I hope Inose would resign or do something to show sincerity.

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There are more countries in the world than Turkey, Here in USA. No organizations or University research center made such research/ When Turkey did such research?

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With media reports, We USA people know Turkey has huge refugee camps. I think (my opinion ) Turkey people are noble and kind to human beings.

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Apology accepted, Captain Needa.

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Just to make sure you are not misunderstanding, Necati said all Turkish people, not all people in the world.

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Necati: When I was growing in Japan many decades ago, we used to call Turkey ans Toruko. Our text books in middle schools had Toruko and its culture. I have lived in USA and USA people are very outspoken. They cimplain why USA spend too much money in Arabic countries. Many complain USA should learn from Turkey.

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Gas07Lisa: thank you for writing to me for my stupid mistakes.

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