Two-thirds support new PM Suga: polls


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Don't believe it, Voters don't care, they have no imput for who gets the crown. Bet if they had to have a conversation with him, might open their eyes but that's not going to happen.

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What was Suga doing before becoming PM?

Wasn't he part of the government that allowed the virus into Japan to spread like wildfire?

How is it that Taiwan is seeing its economy grow and exports increase?

The major difference is that the virus wasn’t allowed to enter Taiwan!

Suga, along with the rest of the LDP failed!

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According to today's Nikkei Shinbun, Suga's supporting rate is 74%. I think the reliability of Japanese mass media is quite low and a growing number of Japanese don't believe them.

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Yes means apathy here. So, nothing strange.

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If the virus is not brought under control by next spring, the downturn in Japan's economy will look like Suga's sunny, smiley face.

They once said "50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong", but we know from the historical record that this boast doesn't apply to LDP fans.

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Were the phones in question landlines? If so, the sample skews older and more rural. Were the calls geographically distributed on the basis of the number of voters in each prefecture? Can you accurately extrapolate to the entire population on the basis of 1000 calls?

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I guess I will have love him now, just to fit in.

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It's funny how the majority of Japan has a different view of Suga/Abe, from the opinion of most JT posters who is always anti-government, always complain about every Japanese PM we had, even before Abe.

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Kokontozai and Cricket

If the media reports something bad against Abe/Suga you guys support that narrative. You would support a narrative of low public support for Suga if the media reported it as so... But if they say it's positive and 2/3 of Japan supports him, immediately that is fake news and cannot be believed as accurate. I call that bias and double standard.

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I was at a gathering of random ladies (mostly middle-aged, housewives or part-timers, maybe a dozen or so) yesterday, all Japanese apart from me, and the conversation naturally turned to the new Cabinet. The unanimous verdict was 'Hell's bells, another load of old fogeys (じじ), nothing's going to change'.

I very much doubt any of them post on JT.

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ReasonandWisdomNipponToday  01:14 pm JST

It's funny how the majority of Japan has a different view of Suga/Abe, from the opinion of most JT posters who is always anti-government, always complain about every Japanese PM we had, even before Abe.

You're absolutely sure then, that opinion polls such as these are a completely accurate representation of the views of the public? Actually I think they might be quite accurate in this case due to a lot of people being prepared to give Suga the benefit of the doubt with his administration being barely a week old. Let's see what the views of the public are in a year, after he's had a chance to do something. Which he might - not being a third generation faux-blue blood political hack like Abe he's maybe learned that he's got to put in some work himself to get anything done.

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Two-thirds of people who can't or couldn't vote for him? Ergo, what does it matter if they support him or not? Let's say two-thirds were against him... he'd still be there.

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after resignation announcement of Abe,

Japan's TV channels were full of "propaganda for Suga" such as his favorite foods or his private life or his "success" story, Japan's news program who featured about what Suga had said or done as politician were a few.

therefore, almost Japanese general public don't know about important things that related with Suga politics.

for example, that Suga adores neo-liberalism that had expanded inequality, "Self-help" that Suga demands people will cause more difficulties against society.

that 14 of 20 ministers of new Suga cabinet are members of extreme rightist religious group 'Japan Conference' who want to revise history and Pacifism Constitution.

Suga who has no respect journalism had excluded TV anchors or commentators who criticized Govt.

that Suga still plans interference to judicature.

"GoTo travel campaign" by Suga caused to re-expand Corona virus infection nationwidely.

Suspicion that Suga ordered to revoke arrest warrants against journalist Yamaguchi who are on good terms with the prime minister Abe, and so.

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Present Japanese are very easy to be influenced by social atmosphere that someone made.

This social situation is very similar to prewar Japan where excluded or oppressed criticism to government one after another.

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