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U.S. envoy says North Korea 'must change behavior'


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North Korea, also known as the DPRK, is NOTHING with out big brother CHINA, the USA needs to call up Beijing and tell them what they want, simple as that!

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North Korea will NEVER change it's behaviour, at least as long as papa Kim is still in control. Sure, they'll give a little in order to get a lot, and then renege, rinse, and repeat. But I wouldn't expect any serious and/or permanent changes to come any time soon.

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Obviously, North Korea has won this round of 'bargaining' after the Cheonan incident last year! Us official is talking with 'soft tone' after valuing the priority of concerns between Iran and North Korea issue. And of course the biggest winner is China!

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North Korea will change her behaviour to 'appease' america! Wonderful! This is something Mr Obama 's magic has achieved

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North Korea, also known as the DPRK, is NOTHING with out big brother CHINA, the USA needs to call up Beijing and tell them what they want, simple as that!

Elbuda, that is a complete misjudgement. China still supports the Kim regime to some extent because they are wary of large amounts of refugees crossing the border. And certainly they like it when the little dog barks at the US and Japan. But apart from that, relations have become increasingly frosty between the two countries in recent years. You can be sure the Chinese don't like nuclear weapons in the hands of an erratic regime in their backyard.

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North Korea 'must change behavior'

North Korea will NEVER CHANGE behavior as long as China is behind. US is indirectly telling China to change behavior as well.

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China does not need refugees from North Korea, nor does South Korea nor does Japan, so I think if the USA talks to Beijing, the real power in this region, China can persuade the crazy old guy in Pyongyang to behave.

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that's enaugh.The wrold has been accumulated a lots of unthinked catastrophe and environment,health damaging matters.There should be a coalition setled to make a list with the entoxicating places and entities and to make them work out under problem,damage making routine,effects,or simply they should be nihnilated.Today we can.Today is possible if the people would consider them children and would also want to lock for a better,helthyer life for them oncoming generation.We are not living only for today,not ewen for tomorrow and we hawe an earth that we are living in which we hawe bene borrowing from ouer grandchildren,as it is sayed after a tvprogram,but this words are so truth,So why dont we just get together make the necesary stepps and see the points with researchers who can make the difference and see what they could realy do about it,maybe a transformation,or some poison using,nihnilating generators or elements they might discower or apply if they alredy hawe got the solution for it and to live apply them before it is too late.Would not this thing be wonderfoul?

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