U.S. envoy travels to Japan, S Korea for talks on N Korea


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Nothing surprising here, talk, talk,talk blah , blah blah,blah blah , blah blah...the US is best to pack it up and head home,they haven't learned that only brute force is what works in this part of the world not talk, talk talk, and this time this talking does not come cheap as the envoys enjoy a free trip at the taxpayers expense. Like Romans did in their last days, so too is the US following the same trail.

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Samantha Power is running around the bush.

Maybe Shinzo should accompany her directly to Pyongyang for better results rather than engaging in endless selfies!

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Iraq - no WMDs North Korea - flaunting it Result - US goes to war in Iraq, slaps wrist of North Korea. Consistency, please.

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