U.S. general hopes China will avoid regional air encounters


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I hope China avoids all provocative regional encounters.

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a speaking engagement at China’s biggest air show later this month will allow her to renew dialogue on the issue

Yes, many important international decisions are concluded at air shows, I'm sure. Hopefully, the talks will be concluded at the parakeet convention, and a new treaty will be in place.

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Yes, I am sure that China would be very excited to talk with our new general. They might even invited her on a bird-watching tour then see just what a real bird-brain she really is.

I am also curious as to how the Muslims will take to dealing with her.

Wake up, America!

Lawrence Klepinger

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I'm an ANA mileage member with tons of miles -- but when I book I've been using those miles with TG and other Star Alliance partners. Why? Because Abe forced ANA and JAL to stop informing China when entering the air-defence ID zone. I know that the ADID zone is ridiculous, but I'd prefer that commercial carriers that are carrying ME don't play chicken with Chinese fighter jets manned by pilots with itchy trigger fingers.

This new dialogue is good. But in the meantime, we're still at risk of an incident involving a commercial carrier.

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so you would rather risk an using an airliner with a sketchy safety and maintenance record? I would fly ANA anyday over the two you mentioned. the risk of being shot down is extremely minimal almost non existent.

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Both airlines of Japan and South Korea do not recognize Chinese attempts to create an air defense zone. I agree with Americanhonor. Mike Critchley, I prefer safety and great service and I would choose ANA as well. If Japan gives China a centimeter on this, China will take the whole ocean for itself.

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It's silly to blame Abe instead of the Chinese dictatorship that decided to flex their muscles by implementing an ADIZ that overlaps other countries' and exerting their control over commercial flights, something that other nations do not do, China has a past record of shooting down a commercial airliner and they most certainly can not afford the international condemnation that doing it again would draw.

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Robinson said the U.S. wants all parties to adhere to internationally recognized norms for safety in flight similar to rules followed by the U.S. and former Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Commercial air crafts were victims of stupid geo politics. Unlike PRC, USSR was dared to shot down commercial aircraft back in 1983. If Abe concerns about the safety of air travelers, he should swallow his pride and allow the commercial airlines for informing the air route to PRC.


US navy ships has own ADIZ for safety measure. However if commercial aircraft flied inside that fortress zone due to bad weather or emergency, it should be allowed for saving lives. US captain needs the sound judgment instead of assuming commercial air craft as threat and acting as trigger happy cowboy.

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U.S. general hopes China will avoid regional air encounters

Good point, however they should first define the zone/ locations where who should not appear thenceforth the talk make sense!

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Why is the report slanted against China? All parties have to adhere to peace. The last country on earth that should talk restraint is the US. The world order has changed. China is no longer easily bullied and the U.S. has done so much wrong in other parts of the world that she no longer has the moral right to lecture others.

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OssanAmericaNov. 03, 2014 - ... China has a past record of shooting down a commercial airliner

I googled " List of airliner shootdown incidents " and found actually China never shot down commercial airplanes, and instead, US, Russia, Japan are among those who ever shot down commercial airplanes!

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Yosun & Flyfalcon....

"The Cathay Pacific Douglas DC-4 shootdown happened on 23 July 1954, when a Cathay Pacific Airways C-54 Skymaster[4] airliner was shot down by fighter planes of the People's Republic of China. The event occurred off the coast of Hainan Island, where the plane was en route from Bangkok to Hong Kong, killing 10 of 19 passengers and crew on board"


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“While not ruling out the possibility of future encounters like the one in August, she said it was vital that Beijing and Washington work toward an understanding.”

Against many ultra-nationalists’ wish, the US sees no incentive( or is having a plan in place) to have an armed conflict with its largest trading partner. There are sufficient reasons that US wants to form a manageable alliance with China for years to come.

Hatred and dilution aside, Abe’s admin starting coming to grips with the reality, Japan is losing its influence and completive edges in Asia given its aging population and ailing economy, plus the national mentality .

The alarming part is that there is almost no cure for the time being. The best hope is that Japanese policy makers can make some sound decisions that may have short-term pain but provide long-term gain. So far such possibility is quite remote from my vantage point.

Here is the thing: right now Japan is like an elder gentleman (who had glory past) on the wheelchair, he still thinks he is the same guy in his prime time, but the reality is otherwise.

Many Japanese people I meet on daily basis think that Chinese people are a bunch of hillbillies, 10 years ago that may be true though, but today China’s youth are complete new breeds, they are well-educated, smart and savvy, knowing what is going on in the world not to mention their ability to compete in globalized talent pool.

Returning to Japan from my recent China’s trip, I realized something: That is: the world will not surprise that in 21st century , there could be many Chinese companies like Alibaba comingt to the markets but not from Japan, in which many college graduates even don’t speak decent English – the prevailing business language.

BTW, I DO NOT agree what Chinese regime did or does to its people and environments. In addition, as people here alreay know that I think peace is way better than war.

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Yosun- google "1954 Cathay Pacific Douglas DC-4 shootdown "

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China feels the US is closing in on them (pivot to Asia and so on.) So they are trying to push out. The two countries need to talk. Otherwise mistrust will build, eventually leading to a cold war. US wants to talk only in the such setting where it plays the boss. China wants to talk as an equal country to country. But this is in itself a challenge to the US.

All the countries involved should ask themselves the question, is it better to have a cold war between them, or is it better to talk, about their intentions and disagreements, no matter how unreasonable they are to each other.

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China’s youth are complete new breeds

They're a breed of something all right. It is China trying to force itself onto the world stage and US is just trying to reiterate that not one centimeter will be lost to a non-democracy.

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scipantheist, I disagree with your point respectfully. I think that already proved to some degrees , the US and China are able and ready to become mutually benefited geopolitical and business partners in the world stage when expectations and differences are managed realistically by two countries. In other words, the US and China are not enemies as many people want to believe.

Right now, China acts like a teenager, going through its identity crisis, but like any super powers before it, China will test the exsiting rules and even define its own rules if it sees fit (the US did the exact something many years ago) So there should be no surprise in that regards However, the US will be there to protect its best interests by give-and-take behind the close door, not through confrontation and bloodshed. Comparing with Russians, Chinese are much more flexible and decent at the negotiation tables if you don't know.

I’d suggest you pay some attentions to how Obama and Xi would interact with each other at the upcoming APEC meeting next week in Bejing. That might give you some clues about how relations between the US and China will be in long run.

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@EthanWilber I suggest you look at this: http://www.pewglobal.org/database/indicator/24/survey/16/response/Unfavorable/ 55% unfavorable rating among the US public for China. And probably even higher among the business elite. The Hong Kong debacle has really been a wake up call for the common person as they now see that the CCP has no intention of allowing democracy on their territory. And public opinion does matter in the US, make no mistake: misinformation campaigns can only move poll numbers so far.

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US, Russia, Japan are among those who ever shot down commercial airplanes!

yosun, when did Japan shoot down commercial airplanes?

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