U.S., Japan agree on new missile defense system


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Not as a deterrant against China? With all apologies, Mssr Panetta, consider me very skeptical.

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North Korea is a joke, not a threat!

I wonder how much all this is going to cost.

Surely it's not free!

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Why don't you put the X-band radar in South Korea?

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The Janes defence has reported on 7/24 China has test launched a new ICBM known as DF41 capable to hit 14000km with 10 warheads. I am sure China has no hostilities to hit the continental of North America! One thing janes has failed to report is they were just aiming at aliens who attempt to hijack this world if they choose to hideout in Antartica!

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That is because

SK does not possess the radar technology

SK does not have BMD technology

3 Even if SK did there would not be enough time to capture and engage BMDs due to distance

For this to happen SK needs beyond the horizon telemetry from spy satellites that SK foolishly declined by not tying a treaty with Japan.

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Now America has got 'A steal' from the conflicts between asian countries they kicked off ! Well done the heritage foundation!!

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At a time when there is a "real" threat to the safety and wellbeing of Japan who is our host, senseless and emotional outbursts and opinions do not help or add to the forum and discussions. As in the USA, Japan allows for free speech, so you have all the right to do so. However, lets put everything in proper perspective and come up with meaningful, well researched and evaluated contributions from which we may all gain better insight and help find solutions to the situation.

Circumstances and existing conditions and environment already exists, past is past, what we need to find is workable and meaningful solutions based on what we know. To that end, any and all reasonable and well considered suggestions, recommendations and opinions may be appropriate and welcome for discussion and argument.

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Remember Kevin Maher from the Okinawa scandal? He was purported to say that the US was getting "a sweet deal" from Japan on all of those bases. It looks like the US is getting a sweet deal on defense contracts, too. One has to suppose that the US military in S. Korea, Japan, and on ships throughout the Sea of Japan and South China Sea do not have this technology to protect US interests in order to believe that Japan needs 2 such systems.

And this is just for the N. Koreans. Imagine what Japan will have to buy to protect itself against the Chinese.

Meanwhile, some people in Fukushima continue to live in school gyms where they have to pay for their bentos. Sweet.

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Sorry the SAM-3 A2 system is co-developed with the Japanese government and Japan owns half of the technology. The 4 Kongo and 2 Atago class obtains BMD as well as the four J/FPS-5 radar site developed by Mitsubishi Electronics located in various parts of Japan.

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SamuraiBlue, the X-band radar is an American technology, not Japanese. Americans are putting another one of those sea-based X-band radar on Japan. It's a waste of money. Japan relies wholly BMD technology on Americans, you fool.

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After his comments previously about the territorial dispute, Panneta is now sending a warning to China that the US is not going to stand by and leave Japan hanging in the wind.

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SamuraiBlueSep. 17, 2012 - 04:37PM JST

breakingpointSep. 17, 2012 - 04:39PM JST

You guys can argue the technical aspects of the purchases. It isn't a lack of technology that threatens Japan's security. When the N Koreans launched earlier in the year, CNN was telling the world (including Japan) that it was a dud before the J government could reach a consensus on what to announce to the public. The SPEEDI system worked to a great extent yet the information was withheld. All of the technology in the world is useless in that environment.

The US has this technology in the region. What...are they unwilling to share with their closest ally in Asia? This is just business as usual for the paternal Americans and the complacent Japanese government.

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YubaruSep. 17, 2012 - 04:48PM JST

Yes. And China has warned the US to stop threatening its ally Iran. What's your point?

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Sad to say limited knowledge and limited life experience and misdirected reasoning with emotional stress adds to foolish outbursts. I have done my share and at times also fall into the fray.

The key here is NOT in the radar systems or who has the technological superiority or who pays for what. They key is why is there a need? And why was it offered? Why NOT missiles or warships? And a few more related questions.....

From all indications, the entire action seem to appeal to Japanese people to become "aware" of the NEED to protect itself. Not the "nationalism" that was reflected in WWII as many have brought into the discussions on this topic, but to exercise the right and the need to protect and defend a nation's territory and people. Simply put, the entire scenario appears to be the US is asking Japan to "start" defending itself and indirectly arm itself to be strong enough and effective enough in the region.

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Simply put, the entire scenario appears to be the US is asking Japan to "start" defending itself and indirectly arm itself to be strong enough and effective enough in the region.

The US has regretted Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution since the Korean War and has been applying pressure on Japan to revise it for decades. But it is not so that Japan can better defend itself which is the excuse used to maintain a high level of American troops in Japan. Instead, the US wants Japan to join in its military activities around the world. If Japan were to seriously consider defending itself, thus eliminating the need for US troops here, the US would object strenuously.

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Kazetsukai, you forgot one thing, the US isn't going nowhere. It's troops is going to stay in Japan for a long time as in Germany and Italy.

SamuraiBlue, the SM-3 wasn't codeveloped by Japan. Japan bought them and modified it to suit its own needs.

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Lets stick them on the Senkaku Islands

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We do not need any high tech defense system at this moment. The news I have just heard is that China will send more than 10? could be more. I saw the TV news seeing many boats.I can not tell if everything I saw will leave for Senkaku or not. But so many fish man boats. At least they are civilians even if some of them could be pseud civilians. No evidence here, just my impression when I saw the video how they hit the coast guard last time. If normal civilian could do that much action.Any way, if our coast guard make even one of them hurt, we will be criticized by China and the world. But the same time, Japan can not let them be into the water territory. The same situation any foreigner without visa try to cross the border of America, the US needs to do something. But these fish men are not normal civilians at least mentality wise at this moment. Watch out this development, China might be trying Japan to hurt any civilian this time to capitalize on it to take political advantage. Even if this is not planed by the gov. If Japan coast guard gets surrounded more that 10 ships, it would be very difficult to do their job with a controlled situation with safely for Chinese fish men.I hope no one will get hurt.

Therefore I feel that,the any high tech system for defence is useless when we run across this kind of hardship.

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I said SM-3 2A which is an advanced version of the SM-3 scheduled to go on line around 2015. Japan is developing the second and third stage attitude control system and the Advanced Discrimination Seeker and the final kill stage. Japan is shouldering 1 to 1.2 billion USD in research while the US in charge of developing higher velocity launch system shouldering 1.1 to 1.5 billion USD. This gives the missle some capability to shoot down ICBMs as well.

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SamuraiBlue, you mean on SM-3 Block IIA, with America but SM-3 wasn't co-developed by Japanese, its an American technology.

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As much as I dislike a lot about US foreign policy, I have to admit that they really have played their hand beautifully in this part of the world since WW2. 3 strong allies in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan that have allowed them to effectively hem in China under the premise of watching North Korea. And make no mistake, there is no accident in the timing of this announcement.

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Yes. And China has warned the US to stop threatening its ally Iran. What's your point?

My point? China will leave Japan alone in the long run and Iran.....leave than problem to Israel.

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One has to suppose that the US military in S. Korea, Japan, and on ships throughout the Sea of Japan and South China Sea do not have this technology to protect US interests in order to believe that Japan needs 2 such systems.

There's going to be another radar system set up in the Philippines. The one in Japan and the one in the Philippines will work in tandem to cover Taiwan.

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good good

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It wouldn't surprise to learn (in about 20~30 years) that US led covert / black ops are behind all the tension in Asia. It's good for US businesses, especially the blood thirsty owners behind the US Militarized Industrial Complex which thrives on fear, continual global civil unrest and waring nations... Just a thought.

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why US does not help japan from China? That's not a make sense at all...

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@Mari what is there to help with? there is no shooting war and the only real problems in these latest issues with China seems to be internal to China itself. And what good would it do if the US did something like blockading the disputed islands except to escalate the situation even further.

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It is a good time for the US to sell their "advanced weapon system" to Japan. Money is always more important than relationship.

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The manner in which America is telling to China is take Taiwan take Senkaku and Okinawa and the whole east Asia it's all yours. After prohibiting Japan to possess a potent nuclear deterrent to nuclear armed China, America is abandoning his trusted ally to fend for himself. A real friend indeed. ha ha ha

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Stop wars already, guys. Put down your toys and calm down.

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USA: Just as planned. Japan: Ishihara says Just as planned. China: Reelection Just as planned.

Chinese angry mobs: waaghhh waghhh waghhghgh

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test #2 for new rules of engagement in pacific: what the responses be if putting some missiles close by...

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They should rather sign Senkaku Island chain defense pack now instead of agreed on new Missile defense system.

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The U.S. will protect Japan against China since it is China who is obviously helping the N.Koreans. Whether you point the missiles at N.Korea or China you are still pointing them at the same enemy.

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It would be very easy to point the missiles at China if needed. All you need is a wrench and a screwdriver.

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