U.S., Japan, Australia agree to deepen security ties


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China needs to take a more mature role in asia and the world, become a real member of the global community , allow its citizens the same access to media others enjoy, give it's people the same rights the normal world enjoys, stop trying to stand over the region for resources, stop trying to bully its neighbours, stop with the but he did that, child's game, grow up move forward so everyone can prosper and develop instead of wanting to go back 100 years to right wrongs that will never be righted.

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StormR Great comments. Unforunately a lot of Chinese don't see it that way, thanks to 65 years of propaganda and restricted access to information.

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Japan is the northern anchor and Australia is the southern anchor of U.S.strategy in the western Pacific. If Washington is to maintain 80,000 troops in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia may provide room for expansion if the United States reduces its presence elsewhere.

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More great news for the Military Industrial Complex and those who profits from their growth. StormR: (allow its citizens the same access to media others enjoy) are you referring to japans secrecy act, about to be enforced or similar laws already in effect in the US?

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Stuart no I wasn't but now you mention that every country has in the interests of national security type clauses or policies.

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Tywin Lannister said: " any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king at all.” - Song of ice and fire.

So, people who must say 'We agree to deepen security ties' is not real ally at all. Come on, Is China that formidable for you big guys to say something like that? Be stylish!

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So, people who must say 'We agree to deepen security ties' is not real ally at all. Come on, Is China that formidable for you big guys to say something like that? Be stylish!

China's actions are speaking loud enough for many nations in it's vicinity to notice. Japan and Australia ARE the US's allies, so yeah, re-affirmation of "united we stand" should hopefully, make China realize they can't act like they're acting right now. If we didn't China's government would declare open season on good old fashioned conquer, colonize and expand. Japan can't stand on its own, neither can the Philippines, nor India. The US is a backup buddy because it is formidable, same with Australia.

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Just look at that smile. Thats real commitment to security

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Great photo! Proud to be Australian.

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So....has China blasted this news yet crying that the US, AUSTR and JPN are de-stabilizing peace in the region?

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Congrats to the new partnership....fyi PMs Abbott and Abe....there's a 1.2 billion euro ($1.58 billion) contract for a Frenchmade Russisan carrier, called the Vladivostok, currently up for sale..fully loaded, ready to sail ..instant rebates available.

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At the same time, Australia freezed the discussion no more and carried on the FTA with China like the one Korean did, perhaps more openly ; Australian may not want to be one late-doer in economy.

Things go sour sometimes.

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Australia wanted to have an economic tie with China and at the same time security ties with Japan and America. Can this be done?

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Of course, Australia is good at "balancing" like what most Asian and ASEAN countries do.

The worlds "No 1" wanted the other "real" balancing and now his close Allies are those who let the golden eggs running loose instead. Who? Lol.

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It's baffling as to Australia's arrogant display of ungratefullness to the USA despite all the heavy ongoing military protection the USA provides Australia.

This "ungratefullness" is displayed by Australia's Department of Education and Innovation which so pompously refuses to recognize American Educational Credentials. It smells of corruption.

The USA possesses an educational system capable of putting men on the moon nearly 50 years ago, but instead Australia prefers to corruptly politicize USA Educational Qualifications.**

The USA should commence compelling Australia to pay for USA military protection from China.

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