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U.S., Japan, Europe boycott U.N. 'silence' for Kim Jong-Il


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*bother, not both

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Formally boycotting the ridiculous idea of a moment of silence only sends a message equivalent to the suggestion by NK itself. Just chuckle at your seat, ignore it, and move on. Throwing a hissy fit and making a formal stance against a silly request makes the nations who do it look foolish.

MrExpatriate: Agree on the hypocrisy note.

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If you compare the demise of those south korean presidents either being overthrown, assassinated,brought to trail and put behind bars,ditching from the cliff...etc. The demise of Kim JonIl was definately a heroic one, at least about 60 countries participated the moment of silences in UN! So he was definately a great leader of Korea!

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Just-a-guy, you misinterpret what "heroism" is. A true hero does not require a government mandate to be called "Dear". A hero doesn't allow thousands to die of starvation while he sits in opulence and grows fat from the food denied the North Korean people. That's not a hero, that's a despot.

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Nothing to see here folks, move along. Just typical and hypocritical nonsense from politicians. Now before someone gets all bent out of shape about the opening of this post, let me say that I do not dispute the claim(s) of tens of thousands (and many more) deaths as the result of Kim Jong-Il's neglect.

However, with that being said, I bet you if someone like George W. Bush, who one could easily be attributed to thousands of unnecessary deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan died tomorrow, the whole U.N. would be silent and the U.S. would receive an overflow of condolences. That's why this is hypocritical. The UN is a joke. If they really despised Kim Jong-Il and his government, why did they even both humoring them with an ambassador or book of condolences? It's a typical politician two-faced tactic, and now they want to act offended when N. Korea asks for them to humor the DPRK with a moment of silence and condolences.

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They look silly a national leader has died a little respect will not hurt things.

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