U.S., Japan, S Korea condemn nuke test by N Korea


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U.S., Japan, S Korea condemn nuke test by N Korea

This has become a broken record. North Korea tests all it wants and the international community does little more than increase already crippling sanctions against the country, which hurt the common people, as the cadre running the country are always taken care of first.

At the same time NK is pleading for humanitarian supplies for the victims of the floods that ravaged parts of the country recently. There is no easy solution to this problem,

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VERY MUCH A BROKEN RECORD... QUOTE: “We must make North Korea understand that repeated provocations will isolate them from the international community and that there can be no bright future for them at all,”

They are not part of the international community at all, they are already isolated. WHAT RHETORICAL RUBBISH!!!

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USA should have learn a lesson from Iraq, Libya and Syria by now.

Time to engage in direct talks with North Korea and abandon all those mistakes in the Arab world where hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children perished not to mention the millions of refugees flooding Europe.

Time for Washington to respect and support the sovereignty of Syria and avoid repeating same mistake in Pyong Yang.

Supporting rebels to topple sovereign governments should not be an American policy.

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The border with China will never be shut down and will remain the lifeline to NK. Thus sanctions can be proposed repeatedly against NK but will be proven useless. NK, as many have realised, is a buffer for China against the threat of encroachment and encirclement. China may express 'displeasure' with NK political 'games' but will not do anything too harsh to discipline NK and Kim, and he knows that, all too well. Its just a quick 'scolding' with a wink and a smile.

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Good luck with that Mssrs. Kishida, Yun, and Kerry. I hope your anthrax vaccination is up to date. Let's see how well your denuclearization talks work when NK already has enough nerve gas and germ weapons to render both the Korean peninsula and Japanese archipelago uninhabitable for a couple centuries.

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The same warnings would be more effective if they have been directed to both Putin and Xi Jin-ping. Pope Francisco might be right in declaring that the world is at war.

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True these stories are like a broken record. But then, the comments which always follow about broken records and how useless sanctions are also like a broken record as well. Haven't seen a feasible alternative suggested yet.

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Regardless of whaever new sanctions applied against NK, Chongryon and its affiliated organizatoins including schools, university all should be expelled

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