U.S., Japan unveil new rules for defense cooperation


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About time too!

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This just makes sense for Japan. Good.

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So has China started whining yet?

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This is awesome. Way to go Obama!

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The one who isn't trusted by the world and Asian neighbors is China. What's more dangerous? A country with 70 years of democracy and promotion of peace and human rights or a brutal dictatorship armed with nuclear weapons?

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Okinawa must be hoppin' mad. Abes's so-called pro active pacifism could only mean the new US Bases are a "done deal".

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"One possible scenario could have Japan shooting down a missile headed toward the United States, even if Japan itself was not under attack,"

How is that 'defense'? This is why the 'new rules', with their vague statements and ability to be warped to fit the terms is a major problem. In other words, Japan can jump into any single war they want and somehow claim it is for Japan's 'defense'.

OssanAmerica: "So has China starting whining yet?

Nope, but someone has.

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smithinjapanApr. 28, 2015 - 11:11AM JST OssanAmerica: "So has China starting whining yet?

Nope, but someone has.

Like who smith?

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

OssanAmerica: "Like who smith?"

The person whining in your comment, of course. Whether or not people agree with the collective defense all you could bring to the conversation was, "So has China started whining yet?". At it's best that's the pot calling the kettle black.

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More political wrangling to confuse the voting general public . On the America political viewpoint, this is to win American votes as not to put US boots on the ground overseas, because the US population has had enough, plus they have have so many domestic problems as it is to deal with, so what better than to drag overseas countries to do their dirty work. On the Japanese political scene , Abe and all those nationalists must be whooping and hollering, now all they have to do is to revoke article 9 , hopefully the Japanese voters will never allow this to happen. Ironical how this beautiful pacifist Japanese constitution , envied by so many other countries, was drawn up by both the US and Japan, funny how constitutions can be changed by those elected to political office just to satisfy there own political ego's.

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Wow this is great news! Now Japan will be in a position to help the U.S. win its first war in 70 years and the U.S. will be in a position to allow Japan to participate in its first war in 70 years. A win win situation. I can imagine all of those young JSDF personnel salivating at the thought of finally getting combat experience. Spending billions of dollars a year supporting U.S. troops is nice but nothing says I Love You like spilled blood.

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So, the next time the US invades some country (and the military-industrial complex is expert at 'facilitating' such scenarios), the aggressor is 'threatened' by the invadee's forces and, ipse facto, Japan joins in too?

As the father of a boy with dual citizenship, f@#> that for a game of darts.

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