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U.S. Navy commander stresses positives in China relationship


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“We have much more in common than we do in competition,” Adm. Scott Swift told reporters.**

..Aye.. aye Sir !! We all have a stake in the wellness of humanity and its future. In our world today, any problem in the orient, will have reverberations in the occident, We all should be concerned with this brinkmanship.

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He cited a new code to govern unplanned encounters at sea that both countries and others in the region have implemented.

Well I should say so too. Also, what about unplanned encounters in the air. Wasn't this cat flying over the SCS recently?

Hope he's proficient as "the", US Navy Commander (as Saketown points out). With China's navy, now snapping their fingers in the East China Sea, prob won't be long till they start snooping around the US Marshall and Mariana Islands too.

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Well Admiral, welcome to the hardest job you are ever gonna have in your Naval Career - Retaining the "Status Quo".

Currently you have 7th Fleet and U.S. Forces in Japan (Yokosuka & Sasebo) at your Command and whatever China brings to your desk in an all out effort to change the Starus Quo, don't forget that Douglas MacArther and Chester Nimitz pivoted their Legacies at keeping The United States a Peaeful yet Powerful Force in the Asian/Pacific Region. You will also be charged with maintaining the Freedom of Navigation in the Pacific Region & to keep Japan safe per our Treaty with Japan Post WW2 - that's our Promise.

With that said, God Speed Admiral!

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Let's hope so, but no confident. Think China is the coming power in the region and changes in balance of power often lead to friction and accidents.

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