U.S. envoy on North Korea to visit South Korea, China and Japan


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Dennis Rodman sure is busy. Did he give up basketball?

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I keep reading & listening about N. Korea & to me it's never good news when the source is forthcoming out of DC. It appears there is no better government then what the US has. Yet, I watch China's President Xi who has been travelling to many countries in Africa & South America. He's using Diplomacy and apparently is accomplishing relationship with politicians from foreign countries. He has strengthened ties with countries bordering China. I believe we need to improve relationship between N. & S. Korea since each area has a lot of Koreans with relatives across the border. We are not the world's policeman and we don't have sufficient funds to attack other countries even those who've not attacked our wonderful country! Our economy continues going down hill even though our government continues to print money.

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Mutual corporation with South Korea military is going to be necessary alliance to deal with North Korea issue.

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Japan should not get involved in the Korean Civil War. We should make that very clear to the world. Vow to defend Japan from Korean aggression but stay neutral unless attacked. Do not let the Americans use their bases supporting the South and not allowing any American weapons of war to pass through our airspace or waters. The South has more resources than the bankrupt starving North. If they can not beat them they deserve to lose. It is not our war remember Japan denounced war. Giving any type of support to the South is a hostile act towards the North.

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Wow YuriOtani, I never heard such nonsense in such a long time, especially from a person from a country that is staring a hostile China in the face that stands no chance against China with out the US,asChina is invading your seas and ready to take your islands.

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As usual warmongers at work again.

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