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U.S. opposes bullying by China in disputed seas


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@ A Realist

How could Japan possibly "negotiate as a bloc"? ...

I think you are making my point for me, thanks.

I'll throw away the "you are who you think you are" self help books now.

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Yeah China should really stop bullying Japan...it is not school anymore.

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Yes, the US GOV doesn't like bullies; they don't like competition!

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Cubano, good idea to creat a asain NATO. Probably that is what Japan is trying to do. But Japan has forgotten who it is. Are you in dream? U r nothing in international affairs. No coutry pays attention to Japan except making a deal to get some money for some small countires. Dog is nothing wrong. But as a owner's dog, he has to bark and bite anytime as the owner needs without his own judgement. To be an animal and human's tool, dog is a good. But to be a country, it is so negative. Immposible to creat whatever called Nato. And what japan needs is a lesson from china. will be soon.

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Always fascinating debate: China's right. Japan's right. Japan is a dog (what's wrong about a dog?). Fascinating not because it's so repetitive and predictable, but because it exposes all of our fears, insecurities, injuries to our egos. The politicians who know how to play our insecurities for their own gain always appear. What if we just decided not to play the game by the rules presented to us as alternatives? Where were we all when these islands were just a few rocks? Oh yeah, money (oil and gas) complicates things -- greed. Perhaps. There is not going to be any final resolution because the rocks are just metaphors for our feelings, insecurities, fears, frustrations, bent egos, greed (which is insecurity). It is probably asking too much of ourselves to examine our feelings, to trust that we are all generous when calm, and realize we are all devils when insecure. To calm down, think and talk.

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Wow the China supporters are out in droves. Why people support authoritarianism and a one-party dictatorship, rather than democracy, peace, and a better life for all of China (not just the rich and connected) is beyond me. That Danny Russel may be appointed indicates the degree to which the United Stats takes peace in East Asia, and China's provocations seriously.

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It's always good to keep china ( China ) under control"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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I believe that what the U. S. should do is create a NATO of Asia to contain China. I know that this is easier said than done but, remember that all those smaller countries want China to back off. Therefore it is in their interest to work together to contain China. It is for their own good. This is the point that need to be hammered on them.

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There are still unspoken tension remain between South East Asia nations. It is more diverse, more ethnically divided and culturally, historically different from Japan and Korea. At least, Japan and Korea share the same grammar.

Right now, Malaysia has wiped out the rebels from Sarawak whom were supported by US ally Philippines. Taiwan is still resent and bitter about the Fillipino coast guard murdering of their fisherman and bullet holes on his ship. They have showed their naval power recently in the area of flash point. Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Indonesia do not agree with Vietnam demand for raising territory issue at Asean plus three summit.

Nationalistic Koreans prefer to confront with Japan instead of China. Taiwan and Malaysia have distrust and settlement with Philippines.

In Mr Russel widest dream, SE Asian nations plus Japan and South Korea will form Asian NATO and tell China " Do not mess with us." In the reality, Ally can not stand up for each other. They will put their national interest ahead of US Geo politic interest of Asia pivot.

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No matter US opposes or supports, China keeps firmly standing to the provocations. What can u do, the dog ang dog's master?

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Bullying is a part of the Asian mentality..

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nintymilesbay90000 America never made reserach of history but absurded accusation always is their basic problem!

They did for sure in this case. They deeply got involved San Francisco peace treaty for WW2 resolution. Based on the many facts, article 3 in the treaty indicates Okinawa and all its island included Senkaku were Japan. So after that US took over Okinawa and Senkaku as well. In fact, 2 of Senkaku were used bombing range by US force. If Senkaku had not been Japan, Did America took part of China to bomb? China said nothing till the oil was found in 1968. Chinese government approved news paper, Jinmin Nippo, on 1953 Jan. 8th. talked about civilian movement of Japanese people in Okinawa, in the article states Senkaku as Japan. May be Chinese never made a research, either.

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A lot of brave words from Dann6y Russel. lets see if he could walk the talk.

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Serrano: What about illegal occupation of territory? Well, that's what the Chinese claim Japan is doing...

Illegal?LOL, indeed. Which law has Japan broken in the case? Before anyone use this word, he or she must know which law is based on.

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aigHicksJun. 22, 2013 - 09:06AM JST

... and voiced strong U.S. support for efforts by Southeast Asia to negotiate as a bloc ...

Unfortunately, I am not aware of such efforts. For example, Japan has made no effort to negotiate as a block. Japan is providing a couple of coast guard boats to the Philippines, a tiny and symbolic effort only."

How could Japan possibly "negotiate as a bloc"? The other so-called "disputes" China has are in the South China Sea and a bloc woud be Southeast Asian nations, the Senkaku Islands are in the East China Sea and no other country is involved. At any rate Japan does not acknowlege there is any dispute about the Senkaku Islands, because under international law they are Japanese territory and have been since 1895 when Japan claimed them after determining that they were deserted. China never objected until 1971, when a UN survey said there may be oil and gas deposits there. A claim by China that they are "inherent sacred Chinese territory" because they may have controlled them hundreds of years ago based on some flimsy and suspect "evidence" is ludicrous; if such a claim was valid half the world would be claiming the other half.

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kiyo.. So funny u! R u silly saying ' keep china under control'. tell me who and how to control china. Do u thing china is same as Japan, a barking dog of U.S.

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Yeah, JT also confused me with their writing style. Sounded like Danny is a 28-year old diplomat ;)

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Good PR by young aspirant diplomat.

I wonder how old you are if you think a 59 year old man is a "young aspirant diplomat"


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Not one comment here about

"strong U.S. support for efforts by Southeast Asia to negotiate as a bloc and frame a “code of conduct” to manage the disputes"

Only further comments concerning Senkaku's. If the dots are not joined the picture will not be seen.

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America never made reserach of history but absurded accusation always is their basic problem!

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He said that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have raised the issue of China’s behavior on the seas with its leaders, and the Chinese “are in no doubt that America stands by our allies.

That young diplomat needed to educate the one of allies Phillipines for the good behaviour of south China Sea. Due to pampering from US, Coast guard from Phillipines sent many of bullets inside the body of unarmed Taiwanese fisherman. If US will stand by ally, it needs to lecture the authority of Coast guard as South China Sea is not the wild west.

If US allies Phillipine and Taiwan will settle the conflict with force, which side US will stand or bias? Being an ally does not means needed to be slaughtered happily with forgiving smile. If there is more coercion and bullying from any of US allies, bullied nation which is also US ally needed to respond with swit action. PRC has not sent any single shot to others. It is questionable who is bullying who at South China sea?

The problem of US is it wants to be the Police of that venue. However it can not control the mob of the crowd. It has no solution and fairness. It is making thing worse. In some cases, US ally may need to settle with each other before any settling with China.

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Young.... diplomat???? He been one for 28 years and is nominated to become Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the US State department. But this won't be settled soon, oil is involved. It's also hard to say who would win in an international court, so neither country is will to go there. As for the dispute with China over oil..... I like what one person replay on an article about Chinese policy.

….'There is indisputable historical evidence that Diaoyu Islands belong to China'! What kind of evidence is that? Chinese historical evidence,then? China has long been so notorious for twisting history & fabricating facts in its favor. In your view, all of China's tributary states in the past are now its very 'indisputable territories'? Mind you, this sort of rubbish ' backward fuedal Middle-Kingdom mindset/mentality' must be crushed or thrown away immediately for the sake of peace & humanity's survival in this planet Earth.

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Its always good to keep china under control.

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... and voiced strong U.S. support for efforts by Southeast Asia to negotiate as a bloc ...

Unfortunately, I am not aware of such efforts. For example, Japan has made no effort to negotiate as a block. Japan is providing a couple of coast guard boats to the Philippines, a tiny and symbolic effort only.

There are many stumbling blocks to negotiating as a block, including that said countries may have their own territorial disputes between them. The public in said countries may have few emotional bonds to each other. In bloc negotiations no single country in the bloc may be willing to commit to any agreement where they feel they have got a slightly less better deal than the others. Etc.

No disrespect meant to the man; good luck Danny.

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Just say the islands "belong" to Japan.

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What about illegal occupation of territory? Well, that's what the Chinese claim Japan is doing...

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US sucks.

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U.S. relations with China often focus on a trade-off between security and economic interests. By accepting this bargain, U.S. tend to miss opportunities on other issues and contribute to problems in the long term. The U.S. reluctance to criticize China's human rights abuses is misguided. It is motivated by a fear that China will retaliate by harming what are in fact shared U.S.-Chinese interests, for instance in stability on the Korean Peninsula and a mutually beneficial economic relationship. When the U.S. downplays human rights concerns, it's buying short-term advantages at the expense of long-term interests and influence. There is often no need to make this sacrifice.

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Good PR by young aspirant diplomat.

-3 ( +5 / -8 )

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