U.S. says final contours of TPP pact coming into focus


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I hope we don't wake up to find that methods of performing surgeries, medical treatments and diagnostic methods are now patentable. This was in the secret draft that was leaked some time ago. Your doctor will have to tell you to stick out your tongue and say 'ooooo' since 'ahhhh' would be infringement.

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@zurcronium - Econ 101 theories and reality are two differ animals. Free trade mostly helps the large corporations of the nations involved, the people not so much. Congress is wise to complain about the secrecy of the TPP negotiations. From what little information that has been leaked to the public, the TPP provision are appalling, attempting to super cede important government regulations and laws to protect people from corporate greed. Also, the U.S. Congress doesn't want Obama and his minions to negotiate a bad deal. They have constituents to answer to if they want reelection.

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The US is asking for approval from Congress for the executive branch to "negotiate" without any input or oversight from Congress. Sounds like a bad idea, to me.

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The US buys the worlds goods, it is the largest importer on earth. What are you talking about? Trade helps all nations. I would suggest an Econ 101, maybe just Econ 1, to help out matters for you.

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At least this is something the President & Congress can work together on.

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In other words, all of the politicians and bureaucrats involved from each country have finally figured out how they can scam and siphon money and power from all of this "free" trade As Well as how they will divvy up the "take".

they certainly are not doing free trade, which is simple, people,can buy, sell,work,build,design in whatever country without interference. The only part for government is to prosecute dishonesty

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aamerican bengoshi,

you argument has more to do with capitalism that trade.

Think for a moment about the economic state Japan would have been in post-war and even today if the US had not opened it markets to Japanese products. All of Japan benefited from that.

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Just what is it that "free" about this trade? Secracy and back room deals have nothing to do with free trade!

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wtfjapan its 25% on trucks into the US by the way, if you are so sick and tired of your tax going to an industry you resent then stop paying tax here , simple, make the tax on the train ticket to narita the last bit of tax you resentfully spend here.

I do however think the farmers here have it too easy and the whole farming sector needs to be over hauled.

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So if TPP is moving forward, does that mean Japan was kicked out since they didn't wanna budge?

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So the US gonna remove tariffs and other import restrictions on cars are they ? Great news glad there is a break through. yeah the whole 2.5~5%, you make it sound like it was the US holding everybody up, so Japans going to remove the 800% tarriff on rice, 38% tariff on beef!? Japans tariffs are an insult to every TPP member. sick and tired of my tax yen funding an industry thats less than 1% of the economy, less than 3% of the population, but uses more than 6% of the annual budget. the average Japanese is so brainwashed by JA that they fail to realise just how shafted they are. the 5trillion yen that JA get each year would be better spent on pensions, heath care, schools and families with children. you know supporting something that has a future not something that is dying a slow death because it refuses to change!

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Yes, let the whole world embrace American imperialism. Maybe we can just give up national sovereignty too and pay tribute to King Obama.

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So the US gonna remove tariffs and other import restrictions on cars are they ? Great news glad there is a break through.

How about they tell us the people who it will affect what the hell is in these secret deals ?

Its us who is going to be affected.

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Where are the "Japan is holding back TPP" bashers?

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