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U.S. sees TPP as model for global trade


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Here we go. This is a sales pitch of USA INC marketing group.

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Here we go. This is a sales pitch of USA INC marketing group

similar sales pitch world had from USA INC over WMD from its Military Wing.

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Does that means the federal treasury needs to print notes round the clock?

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just-a-guyDec. 19, 2011 - 07:58AM JST

Does that means the federal treasury needs to print notes round the clock?

I do not understand your question. Please come back and elaborate your question for me. Your questions and posts are often out of logic. Please elaborate.

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You mean TPP as model that primarily benefits USA. My way or the highway?

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When has a free-trade agreement ever primarily benefits USA? Everybody wants to export to USA, but nobody wants to import.

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Obama is desperate to meet his target for increasing U.S. exports. Honestly I have no real problem with this, generally speaking U.S. products aren't bad, however the problem I do have is that when there are complaints about quality the U.S. courts (which have jurisdiction because thats where the respondent is located) generally deal very poorely with legitimate concerns from foreign parties. Justice in the U.S. definitely isn't blind.

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GATT and the WTO are the institutions at the top of the global trade agreement circuit. the TPP is just a regional--albeit a broad region--agreement that has to be in conformance with GATT.

general motors was a notorious promoter of the concept of "built-in obsolescence" starting circa 1950s, and ever since america has been on the wane.


gm were part of the shadow central command and control apparatus of the usa behind the scenes, creating a two tier society of consumers and producers, each locked into their respective places in the preordained recurrent cycles of production and consumption.

gm is doing ok after a bail out and even making cars that can sell in foreign markets, but they are still a weak competitor in that market.

what the usa needs to do is to work to making sure that labor and environmental standards are upheld in manufacturing centers in developing countries, so that the gutted manufacturing sector in the usa can be resuscitated to some degree.

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