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U.S. shores up ties with Japan, India with eye on containing China


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The United States is embarking on two weeks of intense diplomacy on Asia as it seeks to rekindle friendly ties with Japan and India

Huh...? Who wrote this..?

"Rekindle friendly ties with Japan and India...?"

Really...? I wasn't aware that friendly diplomatic ties had been suspended..

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Part of Obama's re-election campaign, good efforts but not meaningful.

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Noda: when you return to Japan bring Obama with you and drop him off somehere in the vicinity of Saipan, Frankly, I feel we should be chatting with China as they were one of our allies and Japan started WW2 with a visit to Pearl Harbor. I feel we should be nice to China and forget Japan. (This does not include Okinawa!)

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@ Marion Anyone with a inkling of international relations knowledge would know that US interests directly contest Chinese interests. Furthermore, the Chinese are increasingly belligerent and have territorial disputes and frequently clash sabers with its neighbors. Ask the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, for their opinions as well. All of those countries as well as Japan are boosting relations with the US because the Chinese are becoming increasingly irrational and aggressive. Japan may no longer be a key influencer in international politics but it remains an integral part of US foreign policy.

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And China has ally with Russia against US containment, the Yellow sea naval drills involved with 2 dozens Russo-Chinese warships has sent a 'stern warning' like a spike in eye to Pentagon! That means WW3 if the south China sea disputes keep escalating!

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We will only succeed in building a peaceful, prosperous Asia-Pacific if we succeed in building an effective U.S.-China relationship.......... The Chinese government has answered 'NO' last week when Chinese, Russian warships fired slavos in yellow sea! And that 'NO' will heard again sooner next week after the North Korean'nuclear blast'!

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just-a-bigguy, there is no need to be so off-/defensive. The US does not look for confrontations with China, as well as China does not look for confrontations with the US. There will be no war or any other new armed conflicts involving the US, Japan, Russia or China against each other. The US just uses current situations to score more loyalty points from India and Japan, who are being economically dumped, when China is chosen as a major trading partner. China is privileged one way (economically), while Japan and India are privileged verbally. The US tries to show that it is with everyone, one way or the other. Politics.

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didn't the US and Vietnam fight a nasty war a few decades ago?

Not really, the U.S. supported the South Vietnamese, Albeit, a propped up, Pro-Washington, Capitalist, and Yes, Corrupt Government... It was a mistake, but we fought on the side of the south Vietnamese, about 48 or 50% of the population, not against the country of Vietnam, but rather against the North Vietnamese. Yes, it was a bad move. The Iron-Triangle got us into that...

But I like to watch the Vietnamese now begging the U.S. to help them in their dispute with China... LOL... Good Luck Vietnam....! LOL... You sure didn't want out help a few years ago... You won't get it now...

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The Marion needs to be informed again and again ad infinitum that the China that was our ally in WWII was the ROC under Chiang Kai Shek, who was chased out of mainland China by Mao Tse Tung and the Chinese Communist Party. The ROC took refushe in Taiwan and tothois day we continue to support Taiwan as a democratic nation under the gun barrel of the Mainlamd Chinese dictatrship. The China we are dealing with today is the same China that killed our troops in the Korean War, protects North Korea and vetoes everythng we do on the UNSC. In addditiomn they are on a military and territorial expansion agenda and poing a threat to all of our Asian allies. By the way, Japan is our most impiortantally in Asia since WWII ended. Justike Germany is also our ally. So please get with current events, as well as U.S.policy since 1945 and cease postung this time-warp absurdities.

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I don't trust India anymore then I do the Chinese. As it's economic and military power grows, so will it's sphere of influence.

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