U.S. tobacco trade proposal at TPP talks draws fire from both sides


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Good angle to attack US. For whatever reason life expectations in Japan is about 5 years higher than US... Crappy junk US food seems to be more toxic than tobacco...!

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eliminating foreign tariffs on U.S. tobacco products

The true colours shine through..

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If you want to smoke fine, but don't expose the others to secondhand smoke.

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You will have to prise their cigarettes from their cold, dead hands.....

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Everyone focuses on tobacco. This article just shows how the TPP is not a free trade agreement. Free trade is free trade but of course we want to reserve some trade to not be free. Either they want free trade or they do not. There should be nothing to negotiate if it is actually free trade. Always remember, the devil is in the details.

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the devil is in the details.

and the details are secret

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What about medical marijuana?

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So if "health advocates" are against smoking (and good for them), doesn't this mean that tobacco companies are "death advocates"? Yep, I thought so!!! Keep the tariffs, make them higher. Then remove the insidious links between Japan Tobacco and the government. Still waiting for a ban on all smoking indoors.......looking forward to smoke free izakaya, bars, and restaurants. None of them get my business for this single smoky reason.

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A U.S. trade proposal aimed at eliminating foreign tariffs on U.S. tobacco products

WTF are they thinking? Tobacco if it isnt oulawed should have the highest tarrif on it of anything and here we have the US wanting tarrifs eliminated from it, this really is disgusting.

Ban smoking and incarcerate those pushing this deadly poison on the gullible citizens, filthy, disgusting habbit and those selling it have no morales or soul.

Poisioning people for profit is ok as far as these scumbags think.

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Obama was such a big advocate of health care in the US but not when it comes to overseas biz ie. TPP!

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