U.S. urges China, Japan to resolve dispute peacefully


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Here's the joke of it all: U.S. foreign policy under Obama is all about academics. He has these professors from liberal schools like Berkley and Harvard, and all of them are telling Obama that hundreds to thousands of years of fighting amongst any two groups can be solved just simply by talking about it. This is what they try to teach you in grade school, anytime you got in a fight with another kid during recess - talk about it because it isn't nice to be Mr. Meanie. Japan and China have had problems for centuries... Japan have had problems with Korea for centuries. Palestinians have had problems with the Jewish for centuries... And, even in his very backyard, progressives can work things out with conservatives. It has been known throughout history that there is no such thing as world peace. Obama's idea of negotiations is to give in to the opponent. He wants the Jews to give in to the arabs. Conservatives to give in to the progressives. And, by God, he'll more likely want Japan to give the islands up to China because, gosh darn, China already owns the United States. And he wouldn't want Japan to tick off the very people who own the 16-trillion dollar debt. There is no dealing with your enemy. Not at all. There is that "stand in the corner" tactic that to this day is what keeps South and North Korea apart. The U.S. and the U.N. has absolutely nothing to contribute to this on-going problem. My solution: Just let China get it out of their system. There's no way they're going to invade Japan. Really, it isn't worth the consequences. Let the Chinese destroy their own cars, restaurants, and homes - they own it all anyway!

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@groinksan, i agree with you on all the points except the last sentence. "Just let China get it out of their system" is especially right, same logic aplly to the arabs and the muslims. Let china and japan have a good one on one fight. And there will be no weenie or jibba jabba on history disputes anymore. China give japan a good beat and no more japaness history denial , and then peace will decend and they will be good friends.

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Negotiation with China will not work. The idea that U.S. is at the mercy of the Chinese if they stopped buying U.S. bonds is very influential. Yet it’s just wrong. Think of it this way, the argument that interest rates would soar if the Chinese bought fewer bonds is the same as the argument that interest rates would soar when the U.S. government sold more bonds, which as you may recall, was the subject of fierce debate few years ago, and you know how that turned out.

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