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U.S. will stand by allies in disputes with China


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Russel added that China is economically interdependent with the U.S. and Asian neighbors, and the prospect of the kind of sanctions that have been imposed against Russian banks and government cronies should have a “chilling effect on anyone in China who might contemplate the Crimea annexation as a model.”>

Its about time the US started taking a harder line against China.

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MGigante,, as of yet the US has not done anything and has just sat back and made statements that has not stopped any aggressive moves by China!! Same with Ukraine, tough talk and nothing of substance. Russia can very easily move on through Ukraine at any time with no problem or worries, except of course Ukraine's military , what is left of it, but that is it! Even Europe shows no backbone along with the US.. I do not put much faith in the Obama team, there has been no reason to put any faith in them. To me he is comparable to another Jimmy Cater. But we shall see, but I hope it is not already too late, China has moved into these areas and using aggressive measures to claim the territories as we speak, nothing done yet. Then there is China and Japan, US handed administrative control of the islands to Japan after the war and now say they do not take a side in sovereignty of these islands??????.... ridiculous! So does that give China a message of stopping its aggressive stance?? Not at all, in other words, we do not want to get involved.

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I am certain that the Philippines will welcome the US military back. I see the US Navy going back to Subic Bay and perhaps even allow former Clark AB to be used by the US Air Force. The the Army's Green Berets are there now on a rotation basis and joint training taking place. China would never attempted some of the outlandish actions if the US military did not leave the Philippines.

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“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.” ― Winston Churchill

Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel language has to be, frank and firm.

'He urged China to clarify its claims in the South China Sea' (at the UN security council, would be a first step to fully recognising and accepting international law).

China has increase defence budget spending above inflation year on year, 2010-7.5%, 2011-12.7%, 2012-11.2%, 2013-10.7%, 2014-12.7% (adjust for inflation)

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America is broke as hell. America is not in a position of leadership anymore. America is declining. Its influence is waning. How long will its leadership last? Hint, not for long.

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Who does America want to kid? Go to war over some rocks? How can you compare the rocks with Crimea. Even then with Crimea, you have only talk but no action. Go to war with Putin if you dare and see if the US will hurt too! Wouldn't it be better to talk and negotiate instead of talking big and puffing hot air as if the US still owns the world? This is 2014, not 1945.

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Japan US agreement is paid by Japan.

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