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U.S. and allies must work more closely on N Korea: Japan expert


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If I may express my opinions, which I admit beforehand are of no more value than anyone else's.

First of all, it does seem obvious that the fewer countries with nuclear armed missiles, the better, in general. However, the NK leader has pointed out that Libyan leader, Khadafi, gave up his nuclear weapon program, and the US and Europe then used military power against him in support of those who wanted to overthrow him. Perhaps if Khadafi had had nuclear weapons, the West would not have used conventional military weapons against him, the argument goes.

At any rate, it looks like we now have a fait accompli. NK may not have a lot of nuclear armed missiles, but it has at least one, or more. Probably more.

So, what do we do about it? Start a war?

I think it is important to remember that NK is not the only country with nuclear armed missiles. Russia and China (and a lot of other countries) have had nuclear weapons for decades, but so far we have not had a nuclear war. It seems obvious that the reason why we have not had a nuclear war is that everyone recognizes that the human costs of such a war would be too high, and that while any nuclear armed country can start such a war, they cannot win such a war. The same holds true today, in regards NK, as it has for decades in regards to the other nuclear armed countries. It is generally recognized that no one wins in a nuclear war. Even if all human civilization were not destroyed, and that can not be ruled out, the countries involved, and those near them, would sustain unimaginable long term devastation.

Now I have to wonder, are both the US and NK led by governments that understand that a nuclear war is unwinnable? In both cases, I have to say, I don't know. Both governments are currently led by unstable, deluded egomaniacs, and the whole world is rightly worried about what is going to happen.

I do think it is important that NK not sell nuclear weapons to other countries, or to terrorists. They have sold weapon systems in the past, and they might want to do so again. It should, perhaps, be made clear to them that if they sell nuclear weapons to terrorists, that that would create an intolerable situation.

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The United States, South Korea and Japan must coordinate more closely on North Korea, with whom they are engaged in a "pre-negotiation bargaining process", a former Japanese defense official told Reuters.

Wrong. US has two bilateral alliances. It doesn't have a trilateral alliance.

Denying this fact doesn't help to prepare for future crisis.

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It would certainly bring a lot of results and progress for dealing with North Korea.

If you can get the South Koreans to get along with others.

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I think it is important to remember that NK is not the only country with nuclear armed missiles

Normally this would make sense, except that North Korea is the only country with nuclear capability actively threatening to use that capability. You don't see Russia producing propaganda films showing the nuclear destruction of the United States like NK does (albeit poorly with footage stolen from a video game). North Korea is flaunting their willingness to use nuclear weapons and that is the problem.

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Normally this would make sense, except that North Korea is the only country with nuclear capability actively threatening to use that capability. 

They aren’t the only one.

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They aren’t the only one

Please share some examples. I mean currently threatening to attack other countries with nuclear weapons, not 1950's cold war propaganda. I'd love to see some other propaganda videos with 1980 level CGI graphics besides North Korea's.

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