U.S. commerce chief urges Japanese carmakers to cut exports


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How about just letting consumers choose what they like best.

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Obey your master!!!!

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Ross obeys his master Trump...who obeys his master Putin. Ross is not qualified for his job with his Russian linked business interests.

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Nice segue ossan but we all know who wags who's tail here.

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China $34.64 billion

Mexico $5.70 billion

Germany $5.36 billion.

Japan $4.84 billion

Seems to me they should be focusing on China (30 billion more than Japan!!!), why pick on Japan?

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Oh dear, whatever happened to the free trade and globalization that the Americans were so fond of and pushed on the rest of the world? Not so good now when it works against them, is it? Too bad, and serves them right. Anyway, any sensible motorist would buy Japanese over American any day, as the Japanese cars are reliable and well designed and built, but American cars are agriculturally cumbersome and and not so reliable.

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What happens when the next prez abolish his 'tax reform"? American politics lacks of consistency and its causing concerns in trading and investment in America

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"Automobiles are very important to U.S. trade deficits," he said at an event on U.S.-Japan economic relations. "Changing rules in automotives are important to reducing our trade deficits."

But are trade deficits important?

Thanks the the trade deficit, the US has a massive overseas creditor helping to keep US interest rates low, and American consumers get to enjoy good value-for-money products.

Imagine for a second that Japanese exports are reduced. This would put downwards pressure on the yen and strengthen the US dollar. This will just make Japanese exports even more attractive.

voiced wonder "why the industry needs strong protection against American imports."

Like what? Japan should just do whatever the US says, not because they should "obey", but because whatever the Americans want changed in the Japan market is not going to make a big difference anyway, as locals aren't interested in American cars. They prefer Japanese and German ones, like BMWs and Mercedes.

Ross said the planned U.S. taxation reform featuring substantial reductions in corporate taxes would make it "even more attractive" for Japanese companies to engage in production in the United States.

And so they will. But the US becoming a more attractive investment location is going to strenghten the US dollar, which again will just make Japanese cars look more attractive on a relative basis.

But who cares if Americans are able to buy lots of cheap, quality Japanese cars? That's a good thing for the American consumer, and the American worker meanwhile can work for high-tech growth industries instead of car making.

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Japanese carmakers' reply: "JAPAN FIRST!!!"

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German imported cars kill it in Japan. Imported Yank cars don't (although Tesla seems like it may do better). The reason is not because of trade restrictions. The reason is because a lot of those cars are garbage

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Most Japanese cars in US market were actually made in USA ......Didnt Mr Trump learn this?

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They don't care if it's a Japanese car, so long as it's made on American soil

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Why don't the Trump's shift production of their Trump-brand products back to America?

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Japanese brand name cars are made in USA. Left side handle. His boooss praised as American Industry.

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Japan does not export cars to USA. TV, etc. are made in USA,, too.

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Just a userToday 08:53 am JSTChina $34.64 billion

Mexico $5.70 billion

Germany $5.36 billion.

Japan $4.84 billion

Seems to me they should be focusing on China (30 billion more than Japan!!!), why pick on Japan?

Because Trump's image of Japan hasn't changed since the 1980s. This was obvious when he first started campaigning and whining about our trade deficit with "Japan". Anyone with half a brain knows that our trade problem has been wit China for decades now. On the other hand maybe he knows, but doesn't want to end his cheap necktie manufacturing in China. Pulling out of TPP and the Paris Accords has done more to make "China First" than anything China could have done on their own.

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He. only talked about cars.

@just a user: can you write comparative numbers of cars by countries exporting cars to USA?

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I don't think. Japan export $4.84 billion cars to USA.

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