U.S. to send Pence to emperor's post-accession ceremony; Prince Charles also coming


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China VP may not be invited depending on what’s going to happen in Hong Kong.

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How impressive, Mike Pence.

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Oh come on. That's the best picture of Pence you could find? Very professional...

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This is above politics - I totally disagree what is going on in HK but it technically it is an internal matter. The Chinese VP will be present for sure.

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Don't care for Pence, but anyone is better than the Demented Dimwit who embarrassed both himself and our country the last two visits...

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Unwanted Mike Pence

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It seems to me S Korea would not send anyone to the ceremony for sure as long as they say "Don't buy Japanese products and Don't go to Japan". So S Korea would be only miserable country that does not join in the ceremony.

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Prince Charles also coming ? OMG.

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Why would Prince Charles not come? Why ""OMG""? He is here to represent the Queen who no longer travels long haul. It is the enthronement ceremony of Monarch. What is issue with you that the second in line to the UK throne should attend? Japan and the UK have developed very good and very close relations on many levels since the end of WW2. So - once again Akie, please explain your amazement.

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Yes - The ceremony will cost a fortune. So? The next UK Coronation will cost a fortune. The Presidential Inauguration costs a fortune and that is every 4 years. I really don't see why anybody has any issues. If you have a problem paying tax to support a monarchy in a country which you live in (whether you agree with it or not), then move elsewhere. Pretty simple considering how ""international" you all think you are.

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Will Charles bring his biscuit warmer with him?

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@zichi: You are totally entitled to have your voice heard, but if you choose to live here then you should accept without argument that you are in the minority. We have had our purge of monarchies in the current age, so you are in fact just wasting your breath when there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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If Trump attends then as far as the foreign media is concerned the ceremony will be all about Trump. Did he say anything stupid, did he behave himself, did he offend/snub anyone, how was his body language with Melania, etcetera. The Emperor and the occasion itself won't get a look-in. So Pence is the right, relatively non-controversial choice.

As The Resident says, the Queen no longer does long haul flights, so Prince Charles is the correct choice for the UK.

Is South Korea sending anyone?

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Who is this guy exactly?

He looks apologetic in that pic, so I have instantly liked him.

Never got an apology that I totally hated.

Less sure about the religious undertones in the background. What gives with that?

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I would have never thought that. He kind of looks like a disciple to me. Could he be the chosen one?

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Is South Korea sending anyone?

S Koreans are now saying "Don't buy Japanese products and Don't go to Japan". It seems S Korea would be only country that they don't send anyone.

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I thought I read elsewhere in SK media that the Prime Minister was coming? I could be wrong on that.

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Why Pence?

Anybody else notice the religious background of the picture?

Pence is bile, he makes Dick Chaney look like a saint.

As much as I despise Trump, I take Trump over Pence any day.

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Prince Charles also coming ? OMG.

As first in line to the throne in Britain, of course he will attend. Not sure what OMG is suposed signify.

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