U.S. Indo-Pacific Command chief eyes visit to Japan this week


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US Indo-Pacific Command chief to visit Japan:

His visit aside, US, Australia & Japan vow to work against China.

Beside India, these countries are the 3 prominent members of QUAD aiming to oppose everything that is Chinese.

So, what is new to keep struggling to contain China?

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venze @ 11.43am

"...oppose everything that is Chinese.."

What a ridiculous thing to say. So, everything China does is ok?

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The QUAD only exists because of China's unilateral behavior, military buildup and threat to peace and stability in the region by threatening to invade Taiwan. Such bellicose behavior needs to be contained.

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Eyes visit to Japan this week

Likely to visit Japan in the first half of the week

This announcement makes it sound as if Japan is worried that South Korea might be visited first before Japan.

Likely ?

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