U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand and UK form Pacific group

By Jarrett Renshaw

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Just how many groups consisting of the same countries are they going to come up with? They get paid for making up these names? Is it more show, because China isn't fazed one bit - they know USA is sinking economically, and the other minions are becoming less and less significant. Amazing how a small place like the Solomon Islands can get American knickers in a twist.

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An odd man out. This group will not work for Japan.

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Pukey, no the Solomon Islands don’t, it is the imperialist dictatorship that China has become that concerns all free democracies, and different groups for different purposes, allows them to concentrate on the specific issues they are formed for. Not quite sure why you are so opposed to the very countries and freedoms that allow you to express your opinions?

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It is decadently pathetic and funny to see how the US continues to organize in one way or another its own pet nursery to try to stop the unstoppable rise of China.

The US tries to appear strong to the world but it is crumbling inside with a deeply divided and decadent society, a faded economy/influence in the World, while China does not stop gain more economic power and more countries want trade relations with the Great Red Dragon of the East..

U.S. is like a spoiled kid who loses his balloon and see other kids ballons and cry "those are mine, mine, mine"...

Pathetic, Looool!!..

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China is very stoppable. Don't kid yourself. The CCP has only existed for onlt 73 years, The US has no failed economy and will recover from the internal damage created by P45. The entire free world still looks to the United States for leadership. Nobody looks to China for leadership,

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MeiyouwentiToday  06:15 pm JST

An odd man out. This group will not work for Japan.

Sure it will. It worked for Japan from 1900 to 1941. Why shouldn't it now?

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China unstoppable? It will end up stopping itself as it does not represent what people want. The small number in charge of the CCP that the rest of the members rubber stamp, will never win hearts and minds of regular people as it uses lies and brutality to keep order within it's own borders. The world can see through free press what China is and does and as long as that remains available the people will always choose freedom over oppression that China offers.

This new grouping will work specifically on cooperation with and direction from the pacific nations for what they want and need. There will be no strings attached as China insists on, for security and resources to be controlled by China.

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The United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom launched an informal group aimed at boosting economic and diplomatic ties with Pacific island nations, the White House said on Friday.

Just hope this doesn't have the same effect as NATO has on Russia.

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There's a legacy of colonialism for all 4 of these countries.

On the other hand, hard working Chinese have been immigrating to many of these islands for more than a century helping build the economy.

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Biden,ought concentrate on domestic issues,tell these others leader's to zip it,he is dealing educated party members,that want results

And Xi ought to concentrate on domestic issues also. Unfortunately he doesnt give a toss about his people unless they diasgree with him at which point they disappear for "reeducation". If China wasn't trying to interfere in the Pacific, other nations would not feel the need provide balance and options to counter Chinese attempts at control.

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I always want d the Uak to be a tad nearer to the Pacific-my wish has come true!

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They will turn the Pacific island nations into a bunch of military bases.

Don't forget what historically this group did that negatively impacted the Pacific nations with their nuclear testing and colonization.

What China has done and is doing in the Pacific doesn't even compare.

Biden thinks he has alot of resources to offer them ?

Obviously not.

China has a thriving economy and plenty of resources to offer.

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