U.S., Japan can confront common challenges together: Emanuel


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New U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel said Monday the United States and Japan can together "confront common challenges," including "aggressive actions" that threaten the "democratic rules-based order."

The "rules" and "rule of law" are invoked by the authorities but are tossed aside when they contradict the will of the oligarchs. So like during administrations that Emanuel was a member of you get drone strikes against countries the US is not at war with and "sharing values" with a one-party oligarchy that uses a guilty until proven innocent system of justice.

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I hate to break this to Emanuel, Japan is not a Democracy.

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Please start getting Greg Kelly out of the j-justice nightmare and rescue all the abducted children by their Japanese mother's.

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He’s one sharp cookie.

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Michael Machida,

If Japan is not a democracy, on what shared values will Japan and the U.S. challenge their common enemies together? Maybe, united in greed and egotism they are, as shown in the Futenma relocation issue?

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The ambassador added, "Our two nations will not shy away from any challenge, any adversary who undermines those (democratic) values."

Sorry, but your democratic values (if there were any in the first place) are being eroded from within your own country. Of course, you can blame China for Trump, if it makes you feel any better.

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Michael MachidaToday  09:07 am JST

I hate to break this to Emanuel, Japan is not a Democracy.

Well neither is the United States if you want to get picayune. But relative to major autocratic nations like China and Russia, Japan is very much a "democracy".

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Rahm, the viceroy from the American Empire, an arrivistes, is already reading out proclamations. A man uttering bromides and vapid rhetoric, as if shining a light on the exemplary and one indispensable nation (so proclaimed by his former boss, Obama) as an example, to a culture far older and refined than the one this philistine calls 'home'.

Emmanuel is known for cultivating and embracing a heuristics that displays an arrogance which is overly aggressive and antagonistic - he's the Lee Atwater of the Democratic Party and a man completely lacking in any sense of tact - diplomacy is not in his quiver of tricks. Clearly a very bad choice for an ambassador.

Fact is, Emmanuel, politically, is dead in the water - to call him a polarizing figure in Chicago politics, is to be kind. He coveted the position of Secretary of Transportation, which amusingly went to the rather ineffectual ex-mayor Pete. A sign the Democratic Party was finished with Emmanuel. An ex-mayor of an inconsequential small city, with no other political experience, none in federal or state government aka mayor Pete, displaced a big city mayor with a fat resume in federal government and loads of White House experience - Rahm, was essentially sent to the other-side of the planet to be rid of him.

Emanuel's key role in the Clinton and Obama administrations was as a bagman & fixer. And he has boasted of his talent and penchant for making enemies. He embraces a so-called realpolitik which continual skirts the definition of corruption. All of which bodes ill for Japan. A very bad choice, but simply quid pro quo for burying the bodies at night and not reveling the locations. It's a payoff for a loyal lieutenant, who, however, lost his value and imperilled The Party through what is at best, a display of bad manners. He will be gone soon enough.

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Gene Kelly. Abducted children. That assumes a revelation of the Truth, that is less than apparent. How is that relevant, let alone contain any accuracy to a rather general statement with no actual meaning except 'opinion'? And why would anyone encourage interference within a sovereign state as appropriate? Let alone, by Rahm Emmanuel?

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stormcrowToday  11:56 am JST

He’s one sharp cookie.

I agree. Emmanuel is a cookie.

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Actually, possibly more of a “Pocky” than a “cookie” *@stormcrow 11:56am: **“He’s one sharp cookie.”*

J businesses like Mondelez International, maker & distributor of Glico’s Pocky products in North America loved Rahm’s proposals so much, they moved their North American Headquarters, along with Beam Suntory, to Chicago in 2019 when he was mayor there

Since then, buildings were constructed and jobs were created but now, investigations, fines & other punitive actions are allegedly being pursued for failure to pay sick leave, etc amongst other labor related incidents and mutterings of some “unfortunate misunderstandings we will strive to ensure there will not be a reoccurrence.”

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LMFAO, known as a do nothing mayor for the city of Chicago. His administration led to the down fall of what was once a beautiful city. This crook did nothing just took and gave political favors to boost is political career to get to where he is now. LMFAO he may have ties with Joe Biden but look at the country now full of crime no one wants to visit the US. Every major city is out of control because these idiots open the jails under their liberal policies. People walking in stores not to buy anything but run out with everything. People doing mash and grabs out of high end jewelry stores because they know they are not going to get arrested. The US have a President Joe Biden who probably doesn't even know Rahm is ambassador the guys brain goes to sleep after 5 complete sentences. Yeah this guy is a cookie a stale one, the position would have been better off staying vacant because this crook is nothing but lips moving and making undercover racket deals.

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Can a paper Tiger, fight it way out of a paper bag LOL

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