U.S., Japan defense chiefs to meet Wednesday to discuss Ukraine war, China


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We welcome the Quad 4 alliance, with Japan as an indepensale and strategic partner.

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Amazing, more talks between people who have no role in Ukraine or China.

Germany is funding the atrocities in Ukraine, why can't bankers talk about sanctioning Germany and Russia together?

Has Germany shifted its stance since the invasion and wanton crimes against humanity day after day? NO, it has just stuck a middle finger to Ukrainian defenders offering 50 Flakpanzer Gepard.

The Flakpanzer Gepard is a relic of the 60ties, and Germany phased them out 12 years ago. What's Ukraine going to do with them? Use them as door stops to keep the doors open for Russians to waltz through?


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If only we lived in a world where the word war were never mentioned.

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Maintaining peace and stability in the region because of what they view as destabilizing activities.

Who's instigated the destabilizing ?

The USA and colonial alliances ?

Taiwan is an independent self governing province of China.

Japan can observe but not get involved.

The USA military doesn't really need Okinawa anymore anyway.

They are there to control Japan not protect it.

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