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U.S. lawmakers tout U.S.-Japan-S Korea alliance as Seoul, Tokyo feud


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@Hiro Ueda

pretty much declaring war on Japan by radar lock onto a unarmed surveillance plane

1.The P-1 is armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

2.There was no lock-on.


SK missiles is the least of Japan's problems since it is less capable even compared to NK missiles.

If Japan thinks in that way, that's all fine.

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@Samit Basu

SK missiles is the least of Japan's problems since it is less capable even compared to NK missiles.

Due to US technological embargo SK does not have advanced rocket motor capability and requires Russian assistance to launch satellites of their own and only have missiles with range of 100Km and less.

Basically SK is a nobody in the space race and will be for a very long time.

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America, stay out of our problems, we can solve it by ourselves. Stop messing in Asian problems. Look what a mess, U have made already. Stop playing god, Americans have nothing to do ???.As far as I know, U have bigger problems, including money.

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Didn't have a problem till SK decided to use the tiresome comfort girls and it's subsequent demand for apology and more monetary demands, to shift the focus from their domestic issues... And this fever crossing over to their military...pretty much declaring war on Japan by radar lock onto a unarmed surveillance plane... Pretty much says SK wants to face NK and China alone...

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US. is changing. is no melting pot any longer , looking more unharmonios mozaic of races than Canada.

Watch out for those who are just there and only care for their past history and mother countries from their closed communities rather than focus on making US itself better

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SK should threaten to buy S-400 and watch what happens.

So you didn't know. Korea rooted Russia of its military hardware and technology back in the 90s, where anything and everything was for sale, including S-400, nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, tanks, etc. The only thing that Koreans failed to secure was the Su-30 Flanker.

So Korea acquired S-400 technology back in the 90s, and this was used in the development of KM-SAM and KL-SAM systems. This is the reason why Korea can build its own missile defense system while Japan must import.


S-400 Coming to Seoul? How South Korea Indirectly Acquires Cutting Edge Russian Air Defences


S-400 technology helps Seoul blunt Pyongyang threat


S-350E Vityaz 50R6

The system design traces its roots from the joint South Korean/Russian KM-SAM project and uses the same 9M96 missile as the S-400 missile system.

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It would be interesting to see a S-400 up close :-)

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SK should threaten to buy S-400 and watch what happens. Abe has an election soon, so it all rubbish talk.

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The Republic of Korea is no ally or friend to the Japanese nation.

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US lawmakers don't care about truth or justice or what Japan says.  Money and votes from Koreans and Korean Americans are more important.

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America, fix the south korea problem or Japan will

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There are good reasons for all sides to be unsatisfied. As everyone says, leave it on the back burner as we solve present problems. Russia & china are playing the divide & conquer game. Korea & Japan must keep their heads cool during this time.

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Members of the House of Representatives and Senate from both parties introduced resolutions in the two chambers affirming Congress' strong support for ties between the three countries and the critical importance of cooperation.

Oh yes, I'm sure that will do the trick. The House of Representatives back in 2007 very stupidly passed a resolution condemning Japan based entirely on South Korea's unilateral claims which contradicted the US Army's own findings from WWII but a multi-agency US Government study spanning 7 years which found no evidence to substantiate South Korea's narrative of "200,000 women kidnapped". So now this is their idea of patching up a problem that they whole heartedly helped to create? The only way that the US can help resolve the issue is to pressure South Korea to uphold the 2015 Comfort Women Agreement which they themselves negotiated and signed.

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While its a shame there can't be a balanced situation with total independence, I have to agree, the only way to keep the sovereign nations of South Korea and Japan, and further a field into south east asia, safe, free and prosperous from increasing aggression and influnece from China and Russia is deep co-orperation, and given the military status or size regardless of constitution size that means working with the US.

I truly hope Japan and South Korea can put their past behind them and work together, there is much more in common than not.

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The US really needs to take a stronger stance in encouraging these two countries to leave the past behind; in particular highlight that the disputes were officially resolved three years ago. It's time that everyone move on. East and Southeast Asia may be the most volatile region in the world in the next decade. A US influence is probably the only thing keeping the PRC can of worms from being opened and any further degradation of that influence could see things get ugly quickly.

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