U.S., S Korea, Japan urge N Korea to cease 'irresponsible' provocations


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"Together they called upon North Korea to refrain from irresponsible provocations that aggravate regional tensions, and to walk away from its destructive and reckless path of development," the statement said.

Yep. That ought to do it. Thanks very much guys.

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What's the point of this?

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Rancid propaganda at it's finest. North koreas request is rather simple. Once the aforementioned trio ceases the belligerent 'war games' then talks can begin. Anything less than that is hot noise.

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This won't do anything to change NK's behaviour. They will only respond to force for them to give up such a critical national objective like their America nuke program and it is looking unfortunately likely that they will have to be obliged

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N Korea has been answering Trump's insult.

Tell Trump to stop his numerous provocations first.

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"Kim, Kim and Kim urge Japan, the US and S.Korea to stop their "irresponsible" provocations".  It's got quite a ring to it, eh?

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As long as the US has also Nuklear weapons it wont stop. Without a Face to Face of all 5 leaders ( China aswell) it will never stop.

Give them one tiny room, let them punch each others face - but without a solution no one should leave the room.

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Have you guys heard of the North Korean 'Final Victory'? No amount of capitulation will make Kim stop from trying to attain his ultimate goal of reunification of the two Koreas under DPRK rule and driving the US out of Asia. He doesn't care how many of his demands are met, he will not stop. It's better to be prepared than to stick our head in the sand.

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