U.S. special envoy for N Korea to travel to Japan, S Korea soon

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It's good that the USA and DPRK are continuing their talks in coordination with Seoul.

Peace to all !

However, the Shintaro Ishiharas of the world could not help but wonder why ?

New U.S. special envoy for North Korea Stephen Biegun should also be added the role as the new emissary for talks with US ALLY ROC-Taiwan on the matter of re-establishing full diplomatic relations with the democratic island nation?

AKB 48 fans finds it odd that SPECIAL ALLIES don't even have diplomatic ties!

What in the world is the greatest sneaky Superpower on this universe up to?

People of the world must be wondering why the powerful POTUS can do some selfies with Jung Un but bars Stephen from eating stinky tofu with democratically elected President Tsai English of TW-ROC?

No wonder why another special ally and former colony in the area no longer trusts America, the land of the brave and free and fairness!

To Biegun it must seem that those statements above which was a symbol of America already belongs to the bygone era!

OK! If that's the case then ... 

Let Biegun be bygones!

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