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U.S. stages joint air exercises with Asian allies after North Korea's ICBM launch

By Soo-hyang Choi

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Kim is getting upset!

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The US and China really need to sit down in a room together and work this all out before we have WWIII on our hands.

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Smartphone alerts today.....

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The US and China really need to sit down in a room together and work this all out before we have WWIII on our hands.

not possible when one of the leaders fired Doctor Ronny Jackson when he diagnosed him with dementia and 69% of Americans think he is senile and too old.

I have a nuke bunker.

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Lets all play silly war games shall we !! ??

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The US and China really need to sit down in a room together and work this all out before we have WWIII on our hands.

War is almost inevitable. The US has been the worlds preeminent nation since the conclusion of WWII. Thanks to its huge industrial capacity, Military, being the first nation to have nuclear weapons and not least having the worlds largest economy.

China under Jinping Xi believes it should be the nation others listen to, look to and obey because it has a 5000 year history and the worlds largest population (soon to be passed by India) and Xi has worked towards that goal since becoming leader of China.

So two very powerful nations who both want to be the most important nation in the world. I cant ever see the US just saying it has had enough of being world leader, and short of it becoming a dictatorship like China and Russia, it has the technical ability, and the type of representative government others will follow, unlike the one party dictatorship that free nations will never follow willingly. China will maneuver to attempt to be "top dog" until there is no other option than to remain second or to go to war to try and break the US hold on top spot. That is a dangerous place for the world to be in.

Both nations are capable of being toppled from within. Chinese people want more freedoms and elements in America want to make it a dictatorship dressed in democracies clothing, like Russia has done.

So sitting down and talking will not achieve much unless they both choose something different, like a true world government where the planet becomes a democracy like a country is a democracy. Each sovereign state is like the state of a nation, having state laws but needing to follow world laws that guarantee rights and responsibilities of individuals. Political parties run in all nations and either a majority is attained by one party or a number of parties in alliance for a set term of 3-4 or 6 years and another world election takes place. Power is transferred peacefully, no wars are permitted on our world from that point on and any conflict is stopped by the planetary defence force made up of all peoples who apply and are accepted for that career path. Forces will be much smaller with no wars, leaving more money to secure the environment, health, education, housing for all people equally.

Nations will balk at giving up singular sovereignty as smaller colonies did before coming together to create the nations they are now. Until we all mature in such a way, we are doomed to infighting, holding each other back instead of helping each other up.

If they can work towards that, I am all for it.

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well in other words USA and its "allies" are provoking China and DPRK.

Funny how situations have different perspectives and from the view on the other side it is China and DPRK that are provoking the US and its allies and everyone else in the region.

business as usual.

Indeed it is.

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No govt can make all their people happy, so there's always some part of the citizenship who think their govt has failed. All normal people can hope for from their own govts is to be heard, get redress when mistakes are made, and to work with other govts who agree on core principals. When govts lie constantly to their own people abuse them without any rule of law from an independent judiciary, it is hard to have any valid conversations. When both sides think the other is lying constantly, no trust or treaties are possible. What's the point?

Trust comes from doing little things daily is a way that makes sense. First with their own citizens, next with their neighbors, and lastly in the UN with the rest of the world. NK could be a wonderful place, except they have a terrible govt and paranoid leaders being supported by 2 other govts know for blatant lies to their own people and the world. So very sad. Funny how sometime that seems so fundamental, like being taught not to lie, are so very different between cultures.

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