U.S. withdrawal from Paris Agreement extremely regrettable, Japan says


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Getting ready for the entry of Biden?

Seriously, Paris was a farce, it was dominated by bankers and carbon credits investors whose only goal was to increase the value of their holdings of carbon credit certificates. It was all disgustingly self interested. Just ask Greta.

They even demanded unused credits be rescinded, and countries (rich and poor) buy new credits certificates from them, so as to help the planet (sarcasm).

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as effective as the Kyoto Protocol.

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More likely regrettable because the U.S. won't be footing the majority of the cost impacts.

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I thought as usual the statement from Japanese govt. spoken to neighbouring countries: "Unforgivenable"! 

Very humble and very restrained this time!

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At this moment, Vice President Biden is on the verge of becoming the President-Elect. If that happens, sanity will return to American environmental policy.

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The US will be back in the Paris agreement in under three months. The world can get back to being serious about tackling climate change knowing that America is on the same team.

The world is about to get a much better vibe and begin cooperating where it needs to.

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U.S. withdrawal from Paris Agreement extremely regrettable, Japan says

Fortunately it will be short lived. Biden just flipped Pennsylvania and Georgia, he’ll be the next President and undoubtedly undo this idiotic Trump move.

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Japan should stop supporting America because America is a big bully.

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Well, Tara Tan, I hope Japan doesn't expect any help with dealing with regional issues....the US is not likely to continue efforts to contain China. And expect violence to ramp up in the Mideast, as Biden works to undo the Israel/Arab peace deals and help Iran start causing trouble again....gas might get expensive again.

Japan may not like the way things go.

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People, please educate yourself on the agreement, its non-binding,...it has no teeth...Please understand that the USA is not even in the top ten in Pollution, CO2 Emissions...Please understand that without China and Russia, India, The biggest three polluters in the world and growing, entering into an agreement with the "World" and all the financial assistance, jobs lost and created...the upheaval that it will cause the economies crushed...Etc...the Pairs agreement was and still is a fking joke!!!! A bunch a representatives get together to discuss things they cannot change and just spend tax payer dollars at cushy resorts having talks about pipe dreams in the sky....

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President Biden will bring the USA back into the fold.

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President Biden will bring the USA back into the fold.

Can he do it unilaterally? It doesn't look like Democrats will have control of the Senate.

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Biden’s been part of three presidential elections where the people chose him.

Trump is at zero. What a failure.

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