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Uighur leader urges G20 pressure to end China's 'genocide'


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Chinese officials describe the camps as voluntary "vocational education centers" where Turkic-speaking Uighurs receive job training.

Right. 'Brave New World' speak. That many people in China, Russia and elsewhere who've long lived under authoritarian rule are willing to accept dictatorial powers and allow themselves to be controlled by the state is perhaps understandable. Cultural DNA?

I understand there are also 'westerners' who favor authoritarian rule, but just hope they remain the minority.

Xinjiang is a remote, resource-rich region

There it is. The CCP care nothing about the people who've long lived in the area, only about the resources that can be exploited. For the benefit of CCP nabobs and their backers.

They call their system 'Communism', but it's just another variation of predatory capitalism. The .01% get richer, the rest get trickled down on.

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Please re-education camp hardly fall into the category of gen·o·cide



the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

"a campaign of genocide" · [more]


racial killing · massacre · wholesale slaughter · mass slaughter · wholesale killing · indiscriminate killing · mass murder · mass homicide · mass destruction · annihilation · [more]

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Crazy but tragic.

Not as crazy as it seems though, the CCP has committed genocide before to their own ethnic Chinese, they probably see it as a continuation of their on going agenda.

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Please re-education camp hardly fall into the category of gen·o·cide

The large scale organ harvesting (murdering prisoners to sell their internal organs) pretty much is all one needs to know about the indecency of Chinese leaders.

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The CCP is called "vocational education centers" but it is actually a camp called a reeducation camp. The people detained here have been transferred to prisons along the coast of China. In the vicinity of the prison there is an organ transplant center. Organ transplant applicants from Arab countries want donors who do not eat pork for their faith. The purpose is to obtain the "Halar organ(Organs of people who are not eating pork)". Unfortunately, CCP is the biggest demon of this century.

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This issue definitely needs a world-wide protest to China, and now, with the US/China trade dispute hitting headlines, would be a good time to make it.

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PTownsend. Interesting concept of culture DNA. Mao killed over 60 million people who would rejected the communist dictatorial rule. Maybe he was able to alter Chinese dna by the mass death. Not only the the Chinese people been under rule of some faction for thousands of years.

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What is the definition of genocide?

Not garbage of organ and such please.

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These are voluntary vocational camps???? Does anyone really believe that, even for one second?

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If I knew I would have join them in this protest.

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