UK appeals for public input in setting post-Brexit trade with Japan

By Kylie MacLellan

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Freedom of movement would be awesome. They're looking at doing that with Australia now.


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“Carmakers” “severely damaged” talk about special pleading and selling fear, all the many business people I know and friends who own businesses have built in the possibility of a no deal brexit years ago, if the “Carmakers” haven’t then they are incompetent.

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+1 on allowing easier Japanese immigration to the UK.

-1 on allowing easier UK immigration to Japan.

Do we really wish more whingeing poms on Japan?

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The EU and Japan recently signed a massive trade deal. I want exactly the same. The easiest way to achieve this is to revoke Article 50.

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Liz Truss, on a publicly-funded salary, is here the day before England begin their rugby World Cup, by coincidence?

Even it it is by coincidence, didn't her government aides advise her not to make it look like she is on a rugby World Cup jolly.?

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The crowned loon in the picture is just the sort we don't want here.

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For many years the UK and Japan have had a good business and trading relationship.

I don't really think that Brexit will change this.

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Did none of the politicians who pushed the Leave agenda, or those who voted for them, foresee this as a potential consequence of voting the way they did?

No, because they were either too rich to care or too stupid to realise. Sums up Brexit.

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I don't really think that Brexit will change this.

oh itll change , majority of vehicles made in the UK are exported to the EU. when the UK leaves it highly unlikely the EU will give the UK free trade status since they wont abide by the requirements other EU members have to follow. The only logical step for any business that exports mostly to the EU would be to manufacture in the EU and not have to pay any tariffs. The EU will make being in the EU more advantageous than not.

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The crowned loon in the picture is just the sort we don't want here.

Thankfully, they won't come to a place like Japan because it is full of foreigners. As in Japanese.

I'm met some of those sorts and, typically, they only go on holiday to English speaking former colonies or dependencies.

The vote was won by the xenophobia and racism of people who could not even read the text of a single international trade deal, and who have the most to lose when their jobs are moved overseas.

I actually have no idea what the current and future relationships will be. Does Japan at present have to do business with the EU as one at present (UK inc); and in the future will it negotiate two separate trade deals, one with the EU and one with the UK? Presumably falling back on a general WTO rules in the meanwhile.

Apart from the upmarket specialist vehicles, the car industry will die because vehicle these days are just no made by one company, many major parts like chassis are common and pass across a number of borders before assembled.

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The UK cut its own throat, the EU is more important than what will be the little kingdom of England, all alone.

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I hope UK joins TPP if UK really leaves EU, it will be beneficial for both UK and other member countries.

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I really doubt it will be beneficial to anyone. A hard Irish border and customs between the UK and EU. The Brits are just trying to restore the empire and it will not work.

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