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UK says it plans to start virtual trade talks with Japan shortly


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So interesting news! I just cannot help but wonder what the first word will be? I can tell you, after reading this news, Im on the edge of my seat.

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I suppose the UK will get a virtual trade deal.

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Britain or England? Soon to be separated

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Britain or England? Soon to be separated

A wholly irrelevant comment in respect of the article, in which you are showing your simplistic bias.

Free unencumbered trade between UK and Japan is only of benefit to both.

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new opportunities for UK businesses and investors

manufacturers of textiles and clothing, as well as professional and financial services providers would be among the UK industries to benefit most from lowering trade barriers with Japan

Textiles and clothing can wait. Top priority should be the Big Three Cs; cheese, crumpets and chocolate.

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Japan should see not only trumpet usa. There are many other countries that are better and more reasonable.

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