U.N. chief urges Japan, others to meet goals on climate change


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Koizumi; the whisperer of sweet nothings.

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BLABLABLA. capitalism is not compatible with environment protection. I hope Koizumi is paid less than 800JPY/hour for what is his doing...

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Green solutions dovetail well with Kaizen.

What are Japan's blue chips - customary beneficiaries of corporate welfare - pretending not to know?

Beyond time to educate people that platitudes alone don't work.

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The United Nations chief urged Japan and other wealthy nations on Thursday to give up their reliance on coal and other fossil fuels and commit to investments in green energy as they recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Hear, hear! Long passed time to better use Japan's numerous talented scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, and engineers to find more ways to conserve energy and develop more efficient ways to use alternatives to burning so much oil, gas and coal. And for Japan to become less dependent on oil states like the US, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc.

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When has japan ever listened to any other country? Well, they did once...

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japan -head in the sand as usual

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I smell a scam.

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Guterres noted that Japan’s advanced technology in many fields should make it a leader in shifting to renewable energy and urged it to stop financing construction of coal-fired power plants.

Japanese trucks should be battery powered 100% or in part but they are not.

Why isn’t it law that companies using motorbikes switch to electric power?

Why are solar grants and subsidies being phased out?

Why is tidal power not being utilised?

Guterres must be at a loss when he casts his eyes on Japan...

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To the old geezers in charge of Japan, “climate change” is the uppy/downy button thing on the aircon remote.

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The U.N. is a corrupt joke much like The WHO & UNICEF all full of corrupt people filling their pockets running scams & molesting children.

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The U.N. is a corrupt joke much like The WHO & UNICEF all full of corrupt people filling their pockets running scams & molesting children.

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I wonder how environmentally friendly any of this UN lot are...

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The United Nations chief urged Japan and other wealthy nations on Thursday to give up their reliance on coal and other fossil fuels and commit to investments in green energy as they recover from the coronavirus pandemic. 

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made the appeal in an address to an online climate conference hosted by Japan.

How about Guterres and his unelected, unaccountable ilk give up their cushy jobs where they do little but lecture everyone on the evils of this and that, while flying around the world to lavish, expensive conferences on the very jet planes they profess to be a cause of the so-called climate emergency. In business and first class, of course.

Guterres and co are the very same people who live high on the hog on salaries gleaned from fees paid to the UN by member countries, funded of course through taxes of people who have no power whatsoever to elect or depose these corrupt kleptocrats.

So what Japan or anyone else give two hoots about what he says?

In comments delivered on the website Platform for Redesign 2020, Japan's environment minister, Shinjiro Koizumi, said the endeavor aims to help countries “redesign their economic and social systems in this time of dual crises."

This sounds very much like the World Economic Forum's Great Reset (https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/)

Pretty convenient. Hype up fear about a virus in order to tear down the old order and rebuild it as a technocratic paradise. Or hell, if you prefer freedom of speech, movement and association.

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The needless business travel should be the first to stop. Had a guy travel across the country to suggest I become a reseller for his product. I could have just told him no over the phone/skype/zoom.

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Japan, as an island nation, is poised to lead and support other islands in the transition to 100% clean energy, yet once a position is adopted, its very hard for Japan to change. Hawaii has taken the lead in shifting to clean energy, mostly through policy, yet the Japan national government refuses to make changes that would enable the shift. Regional power companies fall back on "resiliency is king" in their explanations to why they cant take on more intermittency, rather than utilizing progressive technologies to move forward. Of course, there is a need for resiliency and while batteries can play a role, there is also need for turbines and baseload. Hawaii is quickly coming up to a tipping point, where a method of firm power in a clean way is needed to make the final leap to 100%. Japan has technology in waste heat utilization, geothermal, and especially ocean energy that could meet these needs, both domestically and for islands and other regions around the world, but there is a clear lack of support to bring them from demonstration to deployment, and even less in modernizing policy for grid regulation to support progress.

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You know what is messed up? That even if Japan went all 100% on green energy it would be of no use. Because of where Japan is located. As long China continue to pollute, most of the side effect will be felt by Japan first. Typhoons, hurricanes, flooding will hit first Japan before ever reaching the mainland of China.

The UN should not only ask the wealthy nations because the biggest polluters are the poor nations in Asia and other parts of the world.They instead need to help these nations seek better alternatives. India and China consume ridiculous amount of coal. Asking Japan to stop is like trying to use a bucket to catch water flowing out of a open tap. It won't help much. Because the UN is not calling out the real culprits.

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Take a beter look at countries that have renewabel energy resources. And come up with our own new ideas and techbologies. Simple things can help too. Such as working from home or use a bike more often.

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1 year ago :

 On tackling such a big-scale issue like climate change, it’s got to be fun, it’s got to be cool. It’s got to be sexy too,” Koizumi told a news conference

still waiting for his follow up to walk his talk .....

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Yea, WHO and UN are both runned by China which has no concerns of climate change. At first it was global cooling we must prepare for an ice age. And then it was global warming nonsense and since that didn't work let's try climate change + or - .001 degree. Thank God for Trump who pulled US out of both WHO and UN.

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Accusing China, traditional japanese way of avoiding its own responsabilities.

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While immediate solution may appear to be air pollution from industries, many forget the pollution in the oceans and on land, specially petroleum by products such as plastics which directly contributes to global warming and most importantly the "health" of all living beings. If "lead" killed the Romans as they say, then the plastics will kill life on earth.

Japan can help in more ways than one.

Japan should take the lead in reducing "plastic" pollution on land and in the oceans where much of Japanese and world food supply cokes from. Japan's first recycling plant in the 1970's to reduce Styrofoam (polystyrene) into pure water started the world into recycling. Use that kind of innovation and help lead the world.

Toyota gave away their "hydrogen" energy patent and already in France there are trains running on hydrogen power producing only water at the end. Get the world to do the same.

Meanwhile, why is the world telling japan when China and Brazil are the worst polluters? The world want Japan to spend money, to help others that is all. Japan cannot be a "sucker" as was the US for many years.

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