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Britain invites G-7 leaders to Cornish resort for June summit

By William James

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Cornwall in June will be glorious if the rain stays away. I was there one August and it was absolutely sublime.

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What a joke ! By Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), UK ranks 9th in GDP (PPP) . Still feels good ?

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"Coronavirus is doubtless the most destructive force we have seen for generations and the greatest test of the modern world order we have experienced," he said in a statement. "It is only right that we approach the challenge of building back better by uniting with a spirit of openness to create a better future."

Correction, Boris: "Excessive government responses to coronavirus are doubtless the most destructive forces we have seen for generations and the greatest test of the modern world order we have experienced," he said.

He even had the gall to kick sand in the face of his country by dropping in that little catchphrase from the WEF's Great Reset: Build Back Better. Just so ya know who's in charge. It's not Boris.

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"Two hundred years ago Cornwall's tin and copper mines were at the heart of the UK's industrial revolution and this summer Cornwall will again be the nucleus of great global change and advancement," Johnson said.

Ooh, is Cornish independence back on the agenda?

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I thought it was supposed to be held at one of the failing Trump golf courses?

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Nice place I'd like to go.

I have been to many in that area and June may be Ok.

Good luck to everyone at that time and wish Coronavirus to be something of the past then.

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Really nice place with friendly locals. can’t remember the pub near there I had a 3am lockdown. Such times, lockdown meant after pub closing at 11pm, they lock the doors and patrons party.

shame G7 is an evil organization that will bring loads of police to harass locals and protesters.

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cornish lad here, from Penzance but I used to work at Carbis bay. It’s beautiful there.

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Cornwall breathes a sigh of relief as the fat guy won't be coming. The only joke will be Johnson.

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Apparently rules only apply to the sheep

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The surfing on the north coast of Cornwall is renowned, I wonder if any of the G7 leaders will go surfing?

Cornwall is a great holiday destination in normal times, beautiful landscape and coast, lovely old pubs (love the Blue Anchor in Helston, one of the oldest still brewing its own ale, dates back to the monasteries) and great food and ale. What more could they ask for?!

Be interesting to see what comes out of it, perhaps an agreement to stop funding the Chinese military and oppression through buying their products. Ban all trade in slave produced cotton may be?

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Carry out a virtual G7 summit, and be done with it.

My Family name is associated with tin copper mining, many family, women, *Bal maiden,* surface miners in Cornwall and Aberystwyth, Wales.

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zichi, that must have been tough up bringing, I read the dairies and daily hardships.

I do not see the logic in holding a G7 summit, face to face, under clear dangers presented from this on going pandemic.

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