China-Japan virus cooperation helps offset sea dispute

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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Abe shaking hands with a Communist party member?

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kurisupisu, what is wrong with that ? Communist party is China's official party, just like LDP. Are there any international law says that you can't do that ?

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The virus outbreak and territorial disputes are separate issues and should never be mixed up. The CCP is responsible for the near pandemic and global economic downturns due to its failing initial response and cover-ups alongside censorship. President Xi should continue to focus on business at home, needn't bother to visit Japan. He does not deserve a state visit.

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Japan and China in any serious conflict is very bad for everyone. Anything to keep the peace, as long as it’s not bad long term is fine by me.

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noriahojanen, you are not a diplomat, are you ? There is no such a thing as "deserve a state visit." State visit is an by invitation only.

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Japan and China will never fight each other again, that is the fate. If we don't learn from historical mistakes, then we are truly the stupidest.

-8 ( +4 / -12 )

Abe shaking hands with a Communist party member?

Abe shaking hands and being a gracious host.

1 ( +7 / -6 )

"Japan and China will never fight each other again, that is the fate."

That's being rather presumptuous, isn't it? Who really knows for sure about such things?

"The war to end all wars." . . . a term used at the end of The First World War (1914 - 1918)

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Cooperation always happen when they face troubles. But once the trouble dies down, China would probably forget about the handshake and continue the same old routine. It's been like this for a century. This is not the first time nor the last.

Sure helping each other is a good thing. Butit also depend on how much aid we can give the chinese people. But Abe government can't help them too much. Look at Moon situation in Korea. The whole country want him remove because he favor china instead of aiding his own country.

I think we should also patch things up with Korea too. Has been pretty tense recent years.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

"China wants to overcome this hardship together"

That's a snipe at Abe, personally!

It was China's own, sole hardship. But China heaped pressure on the world to keep borders open to infected Chinese. Now it's not just China's hardship but the world's. AND Abe succumbed to the pressure.

If Abe had restricted Chinese from entry like other countries, Japan wouldn't have to deal with hardship. Look at the stats, countries that China criticised are having fewer, less severe outbreak than countries that China call friends.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

The virus can't be stopped if you don't know the source. People's movement can only slow down the process but not eliminate it. It is clear by now that in other part of the world, including Japan, cases do exist that the virus is home grown, meaning unrelated to China, at all.

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The virus can't be stopped if you don't know the source

LOL, have a read of the WHO's latest report (28 February 2020), authored in conjunction with China.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Why is it always that the person who made mess is more angry than the person who step on it.

now you want to cooperate with Japan, mark my word, if the infection numbers goes up in Japan, China will be the first country to block all Japanese entry to China, as they did to South Korea.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

One good thing that came out of this.

1 ( +2 / -1 )


The party that imprisons it’s own citizens,lies, forces confessions, threatens doctors with jail or worse and carries out on those threats?

Oh, and the party that is responsible for the virulent contagion affecting people all over the world right now!

With friends like those , no need for enemies...

7 ( +8 / -1 )

After this China created global health and economic nightmare, I don't think so.

China deserves harsh criticism for this situation, but it is also worth remembering that the last worldwide economic disaster originated in the US.

I can’t see this being the end of the road for China as a superpower.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Zoonotic origins 

COVID-19 is a zoonotic virus. From phylogenetics analyses undertaken with available full genome sequences, bats appear to be the reservoir of COVID-19 virus, but the intermediate host(s) has not yet been identified. However, three important areas of work are already underway in 'China' to inform our understanding of the zoonotic origin of this outbreak. These include early investigations of cases with symptom onset in 'Wuhan' throughout December 2019, environmental sampling from the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market and other area markets, and the collection of detailed records on the source and type of wildlife species sold at the Huanan market and the destination of those animals after the market was closed.

5 ( +6 / -1 )


Bioinformatic analyses indicated that the virus had features typical of the coronavirus family and belonged to the Betacoronavirus 2B lineage. Alignment of the full-length genome sequence of the COVID-19 virus and other available genomes of Betacoronavirus showed the closest relationship was with the bat SARS-like coronavirus strain BatCov RaTG13, identity 96%

All from the WHO's latest report. 96% identical to the virus extracted from bats, held in the Wuhan lab.

Just because we can't find patient '0' doesn't mean it didn't come from China. In fact, it makes it more likely the virus leaked unintentionally (incompetently) from the Wuhan lab.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

One thing which we can all be certain about and agree upon is that this coronavirus was Made in China.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

But Akie, according to reports the virus was born in Wuhan at the live exotic animal food market, so it wasn't just found there, it was made there. It's not the fault of the Chinese people. It's the fault of the Chinese government for allowing people to sell and eat food in such a manner and under such conditions.

So you see, Akie, it is in fact Made in China. The Chinese government made such a virus possible because of its regulations & policies.

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i don't know how this happened but China is not untouchable,

as many of us bash the J. Government for lack of preparedness for c19 virus.

China has not done enough to stop the spread of the virus from their side.

It's time for entire world to focus what China is doing or not doing and stop avoiding them like they

are untouchable

6 ( +7 / -1 )

I see a lot of people butt hurt because the world doesn't operate in the way they wanted

6 ( +6 / -0 )

A number of expert analyses of the virus show conclusively the virus was weaponised in a lab. Now whether it was a Canadian, American or Chinese lab, or yet another country's lab, is not known. This has even been reported in a few MSM outlets, but most are not reporting it. Bats? Some folks seem to have 'have bats in the belfry'.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

Time and time again I have read in articles by news services of other nations that the actions of China have bought the world "time to prepare" and that we should be grateful to China for doing so. Setting cities to quarantine has slowed down the spread. I defy any nation to act perfectly in such a situation. Yes China should have kept restrictions on live markets after SARS and they may well do so now but their action upon confirmation of this virus is admirable.

I am no China supporter but credit where its due.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

I am no China supporter but credit where its due.

What credit do you intend to deposit China's way?

There are two battle fronts: resources and containment.

Nations like Japan are fighting a 'resources' problem foremost, because it's a novel virus, and no resource has been set aside for it. In Japan's case its capability to deal with pathogens is also very limited. Which means it relies heavily on containment.

China has been overtly putting pressure on nations to limit their containment measures despite using heavy and strict containment measures domestically itself since the outbreak. Hypocrit not?

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see clearly. Nations that buckled under China's pressure to limit containment have not faired so well. Japan, South Korea are perfect examples.

No credit due to China that I can see, other than the hollow ones that the WHO dishes out.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Sorry, but I don't give China any credit. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Chinese money wasn't quietly at work to ensure that such articles get published. China could have prevented this outbreak from the start. Failing which they could have moved quickly to confront it and share the information openly with the world. China moved quickly once the horses were already out of the barn, but that doesn't earn any credit, that's the natural responsibility of any government. And being an authoritarian state they were able to implement actions faster and with no resistance as might be encountered in the Western countries.


5 ( +7 / -2 )

'Time is everything': World braces for spread of new virus

China bought the world valuable time with its travel restrictions and huge lockdowns


CARLA K. JOHNSON AP Medical Writer

26 February 2020, 13:23

8 min read


-5 ( +1 / -6 )

"During the critical early phase of the current crisis, China unapologetically placed regime stability above the prompt coordination and transparency necessary to keep an epidemic from turning into a pandemic. Its obsession with squeezing Taiwan out of all international forums — including the WHO — impeded global cooperation and information-sharing."

"Beijing has threatened to punish countries that restrict travel to and from China, and it has displayed a penchant for secrecy and obfuscation that makes good global governance that much more challenging."


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Hahaha , China doesn’t deserve your Elegant wording how China didn’t do their job. What China deserves is a Cold Hard Fact that as they did 20 years ago with SARS that they hid the truth until it was too late

they did this with SARS and with C19, information is coming out that they know this few months before official announcement but they hid the story again

this is type of country we are dealing with and not surprise at all. While other former Soviet Union countries were giving freedom a chance. Chinese killed 1000s and 1000s to keep their communist regime

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Now I heard everything, one of the high ranking Chinese official made a statement that C19 virus may come from good old USA. ,,,,,,

Yea those dum Yankees eat too much bats , ant eaters , Badgers , Monkees, mice and etc.....

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