Macron says he raised concerns with Japan over Ghosn detention


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Even Macron has spoken out about it, he'd have to do that with some confidence as a head of state to avoid winding the Japanese up but he'll have the backing of the EU as well. People's patience with Japan must be wearing thin...

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Truth reveals bit by bit...

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The Meiji Restoration government emulated France and Germany for its modern justice although Japan had its own justice system for centuries. If there's room for further improvement of it, Japan must not refrain from doing so.

However, this problem must be sharply distinguished from Ghosn's escape from Japan.

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However, this problem must be sharply distinguished from Ghosn's escape from Japan.

Interesting enough, most of this information and the attention on Japan would have never came to light if Ghos n had not escaped.

Politicians in the J gov. and MOJ were adamant on detaining him until Nissan was able to split from Renault without looking like the backstabbers that they are!

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The Japanese have to accept that they do not know, how to run nissan, that was why nissan invited Carlos in the first place. U cannot have a cake with total incompetence parasites and still say, nissan is o.k.because Carlos repaired it and get it up and running. Then, nissan wants to eat the whole cake ,once it is in the up stage and kill the person that got the cake rising ???. No wonder no foreign good intelligent brains wants to come to japan. It is time the world see japan for truly , what it is ???.Poor good japanese people, look at what poor level some japanese have in the way to think abt others . Sad.

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When did Western countries start allowing defense lawyers to sit in company with suspects at the time of police interrogation? Very recently, isn't it? So, it's not too late for Japan to follow suit.

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When did Western countries start allowing defense lawyers to sit in company with suspects at the time of police interrogation? Very recently, isn't it?

Not all do. The UK government publishes "prisoner packs" that tell you what you can expect in various countries.


"I told (Prime Minister Shinzo) Abe several times that the conditions of Carlos Ghosn's detention and questioning did not appear to be satisfactory to me," Macron told reporters.

A bit rich coming from a French leader considering that French prisons are among the worst in Europe.



Even the French government itself has said that French prisons are ghastly.

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Seems all involved in Nissan, Renault scandal are scumbags!!!

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Macron might have spoken but he's got no juice.

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Henny Penny:

French prisons would be a paradise compared to American ones. Norway, I hear, has the best in the world. Perhaps we should emulate that, even if you believe prisoners should be punished. After all, it does drastically reduce repeat offenders.

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You is referring to the impersonal you (one). Not pointing fingers.

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Only the French president ???. No, the whole world and the world human rights group are protesting.Foreign investors that want to do business in japan are not coming anymore. Pls do what u want japan, u are an island and u can remain an island that is full of yrselves and kaput or really improve on yr human rights laws in labour ???. Still wonder why no one wants to support japan ???.

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and I'm sure PM Abe laughed in Macron's face and said to Macron: Mr. President, your police just shot up a refugee camp in Calasis, are you in any position to point the finger?

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Didn't seem like the concerns went anywhere, I'm sure Abe answered something like "I'll look into it" with no intention to actually do anything. Macron should have spoken publicly about the matter, that definitely would have gotten Japan's attention as they hate any damage done to their international reputation.

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Agree, if Macron really wanted his words to have impact he should have said it publicly. Behind the scenes diplomacy has its place but there are times when national leaders need to make a public stand in defence of their citizens.

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Prisons in France are hopeless but that is non related to Carlos Goshn case which is the treatment given to prisoners.

Macron should have indeed spoken with balls. He is a good speaker but far from being in the action like Trump is.

I cant' understand how I was voted down in my previous comment. Some have hard times listening to the truth : Japanese treatment of prisoners and presumed guilty persons is excessive with expected tretament respecting basic human rights (sleeping without full light for instance)

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