Abe asks Moon to act on dispute at first meeting for 15 months

By Norihiko Shirouzu and Hyonhee Shin

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Well begun is half done. Congratulations to the successful meet of Abe and Moon in China.

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"South Korea should take responsibility and come up with measures to resolve the issue," Abe told a news conference. "I asked that South Korea initiate steps to restore ties between Japan and South Korea to a healthy state."

PM Abe is absolutely correct. It is up to Moon and South Korea to improve relations. Resolve the security issue by proving they are not trading with North Korea. But it is in Moons interests to continue a cycle of propoganda , so all South Korean citizens hate Japan.

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Koreans are strange people they damages the present rewinding the time. Let the bygone be bygone.

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I wouldn't trust that Moon guy for anything.

This is the same guy that publicly demonized Japan when things weren't going his way with the trade row (all of which happened solely due to his administration's inept handling of export controls and continually ignoring Japan's request for more information). Now he caved, but who is to say he won't be doing that nonsense again.

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Abe having to ask Moon to do stuff means SK has the upper hand. People on here have been banging on about how Japan doesn't need SK etc but obviously it does

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When big business's beer export sales hit zero, they say "jump!". Abe says "How high?"

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WobotToday  08:57 am JST

Abe having to ask Moon to do stuff means SK has the upper hand.

Wrong. SK has already played "all their hands" and all have failed. Japan has done absolutely nothing since removing SK from their White List. Meantime, SK has gone crying to the UN, WTO, the US, inflamed anti-Japan demonstrations, boycotts, even tried to blackmail the US with the threat of dropping GSOMIA, all with no effect. It's entirely up to South Korea to take actions that will regain Japan's trust. All Abe did was state the obvious. And he certainly didn't "have to" ask Moon anhthing, all he did was state the obvious, since both Moon and Abe have agreed that their is a " need to improve ties after the worst period of tension between their countries in decades."

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South korea have been behaving like 2 year old brats for way too long, Abe is showing proper leadership and showing this moon idiot its time to sit down shut up and behave.

When was the last time S.K acted in a mature way?

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Beer rite is SK biggest consumer of the beer in the world no so no problems japanese beer companies r buying companies overseas so profits will come from those oversea companies Just worry about SK’s own failing n falling economy. Forget about Japans as it will only make u more envious only.

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Quote by Moon '' Japan and South Korea are historically and culturally the closest neighbous," Moon said. "We're not in a relationship that can set the two apart even when there's some discomfort for a while."

Yet you treat Japan like an enemy, you back away from the 2015 comfort women deal, you won't uphold the 1965 aggrement, you have fueled the anti-Japan fire of boycott and worsening relationships.

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If S. Korea upholds it's past agreements signed, if they treat Japan like an important friend and ally which we are... Then I'm in favor of returning S. Korea on White list of favored countries. We want good relations with S. Korea.

Can S. Korea say the same thing in return without the list of demands?

Happy Holidays to everyone including Korea.

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If Abe represents the sun, then Moon and Sun both need to shine in the sky at their allotted times.

No good comparing or hating, just shine brightly and be beautiful for all of us.

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Every attempt to hold Japan to the gold standard of German contrition comes to nix, empowering our gloating, denialist but totally myopic resident Amen Corner to double down on the insults. Pathetic!

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Korea and Japan will be crushed if they do not face the future together,as China will steamroller after first Korea, then Japan!

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Resolve the security issue by proving they are not trading with North Korea.

Prove a negative?

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The key to all this is to look at "internal" SK. Their populatiion is "against" Japan, a result of decades of "propaganda" by their media and educational system. Many of those that have come to Japan have been doing so more often than not to "exploit" economic and training opportunities.

Also much of their population is in favor of NK. That which the government also support and have been for decades. They are much closely related than what is made to believe. They needed each other to prevent China from invading either (the previous Chosun) from ages past.

So "caution" is the key when in China for both SK and Japan.

But for Japan, it has been "isolated" by SK, NK and China with Russia trying to put some "control" in that situation by supporting NK to check China's moves and starting "dialog" with Japan.

There is a lot at stake in the Arctic territory besides the Pacific. China's access to the Arctic depends a lot on both Korea's and Japan besides Russia. Natural resources still not claimed in the Arctic is at stake.

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"kazetsukai", why do you "use" so "many" "quotemarks"?

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Resolve the security issue by proving they are not trading with North Korea.

Prove a negative?

To be specific, Japan set three conditions.


1) continued bilateral talks,

2) South Korea’s strengthening of its trade control system and

3) Seoul’s introduction of legislation to prevent exported materials from being used to develop conventional weapons.

If ROK is serious enough to regain their trust back, then they need to convince Japan based on RCA, corrective actions, and preventive actions. That's how it works for business when it comes to a trust issue. Just informing to add 100 resources wouldn't be a solution for what Japan is asking.

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