Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Photo: REUTERS file

Abe sets record as longest-serving PM as allegations of misdeeds persist

By Linda Sieg

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Well done PM Abe, WELL DONE! Amazing achievement!

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Japan economy was blunted in the late 80s with the unfair treaty.

Japan military was blunted after WW2 with article 9.

Its time for a change Nippon.

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Ganbare Japan!Today  10:05 am JST

Well done PM Abe, WELL DONE! Amazing achievement!

You set the bar pretty low for "amazing" achievements, don't you.

"The biggest reason (for his longevity) is that he's better than the DPJ government," Seiko Noda, an LDP lawmaker and potential Abe rival, told Reuters.

Hardly an amazing achievement. He hasn't managed much else.

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"He hasn't managed much else."

Really unemployment at 2.4% record low homeless, an economy 10% bigger, record corp, profits, record low crime, longest life expectancy.

Today news:

Tokyo's homeless population shrinks 7% in central wards

Strong job market reduces number of people living on streets and in parks

What say you???

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