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Former Foreign Minister Kishida boosts Abe's chances of staying on as PM

By Leika Kihara

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Why not just let the people of Japan decide who leads the country.

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Why not just let the people of Japan decide who leads the country.

While I agree parliamentary systems are strange--I prefer having a say about who leads my country--but who's saying voters haven't continuously supported the LDP and thus it's leadership. Last year's election results looked like this:

LDP 18,555,717

Kibo no to (Koike’s party) 9,677,524

Komeito 6,977,712

Ishin no Kai 3,387,097

Constitutional Democratic Party 11,084,890

Communist 4,404,081

You're looking at about 38 million votes for the 4 conservative parties and only about 15 million votes for more liberal/left candidates. Whichever LDP president helms the party and thus the nation, we're likely in for the same cocktail of nationalism and neoliberalism.

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I guess If you can't beat them. Join them. The elections are next month but still I havent see any news about Abe's competitors. Not even scandals or bad rep can beat Abe, he must be feeling invincible.

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That's bad news he is not able to candidate himself and stay under current Abe's government, I feel much things behind the LDP scenes, they've plot around not to be. That's what it occurs when a ruling party monopolizes the domestic system and there'll be no traces/trucks to direct vote from us citizens.

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One old out of touch oligarchic leader is much like another.

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Excellent news. Kishida-san is a smart man, and realizes Japan is doing very well, and will continue the course, under the rule of PM Abe for the coming years. In the long-term future, if he watches and learns from PM Abe, he may be a future leader.

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Does Abe ned Kishida to boost chances ? I don't think so.

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@Akie.....yes he does. the LDP has factions (groups of politicians aligned together and vote as a block). Abe is the leader of one of the four major LDP factions, the other faction leaders being Aso (Vice PM), Kishida, and Takeshita. Abe already has Aso in the bag, so he only needs one of the remaining two factions to endorse him and he is a winner. KIshida's endorsement just made him the LDP chairman elect (and by extension, PM elect!)

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