Suga, under fire, defends rejection of scholars for science panel

By Linda Sieg and Yoshifumi Takemoto

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This people support the same old approach of be weak, follow a broken Article 9, no matter what our neighbors do, no matter what capabilities they acquire their answer is Pacifism. Even poor, weak North Korea has the capability to Nuke Japan.

We should wait until we get hit apparently, until our citizens die, suffer, lose everything they have, For this weak pacifist, herbivors, grass eating apologiest to wake up and realize that extreme weakness is equally bad to being too aggressive like we did in the past.

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Thinking Japan could be Asian superpower without resorting to conflict. But a full regiem change would be needed, and that's a step too far, change makes the population uncomfortable and confused. So that's not going to happen.

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Going back to topic.... Must say that outcasting scientists just because their ideas conflict with yours is not a smart move.

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Japan - land of the rising dictatorship.

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Going back to topic.... Must say that outcasting scientists just because their ideas conflict with yours is not a smart move.

exactly! where have we seen that before...? Hmmmm

Japan - land of the rising dictatorship.

brother it aint rising. the dictatorship is already here

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The rest of the panel should refuse to meet until the six are installed as members.

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"The greatest strength of a democratic society is its ability to be open to criticism and constantly modify itself," he said in a statement. If nothing else, you've got to admire his sense or irony...

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It's times like this that one can view an individual's true colors.

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So Suga is just supposed to rubber stamp the recommendation because the other prime ministers did that in the past?

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Japanese far-rightists including plural major media who support Suga regime are repeating to discredit Japan's science panel by spreading disinformation to defend Suga regime.

what can defend Suga is fake news only.

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"It has nothing at all to do with these traitors -- er... SCHOLARS -- have rejected our attempts to restart Japan's 'beauty' and strong military, and it is simply coincidence that all of those who criticized Abe's attempts to do so were not included, while those who embraced it were accepted right away. And besides, it is not legitimate for the public to criticize me on this, and perfectly legitimate for me to decide unilaterally, because they receive public funds! You do not understand how support and decisions work, and you absolutely MUST cooperate and be quiet, or adamantly agree in declaration, because if you disagree... well... look what happened to these six! But again, no relation at all to their open criticism."

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If the PM is in a position to reject appointments, and voters feel that his actions are a problem, the voters can vote his party out at the next election.

Complaining about his actions but not voting his party out is not the way that democracy works.

If voters don’t like a politician, they are obliged to reject his next appointment to power.

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The issue has nothing to do with (abuse of) academic freedom as the Council never represents the whole academic circle. More public and media attentions are now drawn onto the problems of the Council. An annual budge of 1 billion yen is earmarked for management, without thorough reviews. The 210 members are granted semi-public status and salary though the internal selection process/criteria remains elusive, unaccounted for. Allegedly, the "pacifist" Council pressured researchers to drop homeland military-related projects while encouraging collaboration with Beijing-backed institutions.

So long as the Council serves an advisory function, the government is responsible for the body and its balanced personnel selection. Suga can't directly pick particular individuals, but he has a veto power and I think it's valid.

But all the same I personally think it unwise for the Suga administration to spend most of his time and political resources dealing with it. Could end up another "Mori-Kake, Sakura" scandals leaving no winners. Better focus on something more significant.

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CORRECTION: The issue has nothing to do with (abuse of power over) academic freedom as the Council never represents the whole academic circle.

Academic freedom and open spaces are basically guaranteed in Japan. Currently major concerns relate to severe conditions of young aspirant scholars who are near unemployed or under-employed. "Silent invasion" of adversary foreign influences on those scholars with money is also a worrying issue.

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Rather than staff the science advisory council with non-scientists, and then pretend that they are scientists, just abolish the council until actual scientists are appointed. Pretending that political hacks are scientists undermines the public's confidence in political hacks.

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