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Japan, Britain aim for swift trade deal


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Both economies/markets are complementary, and have a lot to offer across all sectors.   


Japan Exports to United Kingdom….


UK departure from the EU will play an important factor.

How UK government deregulates and reviews the countries business model will determine how the negotiations will progress.

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EU and Japan have an MFN deal on at least services and investment. Any better deal Japan offers to the UK in those sectors will automatically go to the EU as well, a seven times larger economy, for "free", i.e., no extra concessions from the EU side. This of course assumes that the UK would have the negotiating competence to win such an offer in the first place. My guess it that the UK will get a worse deal than the EU one, but with some symbolic low value concession, fish, sausages, or something, that lets the UK declare a historic victory.

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An intersting read, if you have the energy to read it.

This is what the UK government wants to achieve in its trade negotiations with Japan.


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Beer and butter?

We need cheese, crumpets and chocolate!

Well, butter to go on the crumpets would be nice, too.

Has anyone else noticed that butter has totally disappeared from the shops, or is it just in my area?

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Loads of butter in my area but the prices are ridiculous.Same with cheese.

And as for British beef?


The UK needs to send some decent food here-Japan’s food quality is way overpriced to appreciate the quality!

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"The UK needs to send some decent food here"

How can a non self-sufficient food producing country export "decent food" to Japan?

We (UK) already import 48% of the total food consumed and the proportion is only going to increase with the shortage of EE (Eastern European) workers.

"How much food does the UK currently produce?"

"The UK grows 61% of the food it eats, according to the National Farming Union (NFU),Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City, University of London, and DEFRA’s Agriculture in the UK paper (July 2017). Government sources sometimes quote a figure of 75% but this excludes ‘non-indigenous’ items such as exotic fruit – bananas and mangoes, tea, coffee and spices – foods that cannot be grown (either at all or on a meaningful scale) in the UK."


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