Japan expects limited impact from U.S. move to scrap Iran oil sanctions waivers


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The US will continue to strangle Iran economically and then offer to sent troops to rescue the suffering Iranian people on humanitarian grounds - same as it is trying to do with Venezuela. At the same time, the US will increase oil production to support is declining economy and force "allies" to purchase US oil. Normal mode of operation of Washington; cause a human catastrophe and then use it as an excuse to topple the government and install a US puppet. The nations of the world need to get a backbone and tell the US to stick both its oil and sanctions. Continuing to appease a bully just leads to more bullying. Iran and Venezuela  today who know who tomorrow - maybe the UK or Germany, or Canada or ...

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Japan expects limited impact from U.S. move to scrap trade agreement known as TPP


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I can't believe Japan burns oil for power, can't Japan use the filters they have from the garbage burners all over Japan to use coal?

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gogogo: "I can't believe Japan burns oil for power,"

Dude, they still use COAL. But then, when former PMs and current politicians made all their money of of forced labor digging in the mines, you can't really be surprised.

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Oil is the largest of the energy imports at about 40%. But in most countries the largest amount of power generation is made with fossil fuels. Coal/Gas/Oil. Oil generators are only used for peak time sudden power demands because the generators start instantly, unlike coal or gas. Japan use low sulphur oil for power generation which it was importing from Iran but now from Indonesia, I think.

The oil generation is also reduced by the day time use of renewal energies like solar which including hydro is now generating about 20% of power demand.

The majority of oil comes into the engine for transport or for heating.

Nuclear energy is down to just 3%.

More electric cars less oil.

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I'm only surprised Japan hasn't yet rushed to ask to be an exception again.

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Abe is well Trumps "apple polisher" and would never do anything to displease him. However the price of oil and electric is going up in Japan with the result of a severe recession or worse.

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Iranian oil imports was only 5% which stopped September last year.

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Strangling sanctions on Iran oil and Venezuelan oil only drives up the price of oil, now I wonder who gets the economic benefit from this illegal move, could it be the US and the Saudi's, price has already risen. How selfish, because this only punishes all the countries that have to rely on oil imports for economic survival. Once again the US using its bully boy tactics, for what eventual outcome.

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Abe bows, we suffer.

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Surprised Trump isn't telling Japan to buy it's oil.

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So what is Japan suppose to use to generate electric power? American crude oil (even if available) is not a replacement for Iranian crude oil. What are we going to use in our vehicles? When the electric grid is threatening to crash smart (censored) Americans are going to ramble on about Japans vending machines. It is my view that the Americans are the worlds bully and threat to world peace!

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America is a massive country with infinite amount of resources, including oil. What is Japan supposed to do, a country the size of California, with no natural resources.

Is this a friend and ally? same country who blunted Japan's economy in 87. Their purpose is to keep Japan back.

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YuriOtani: "It is my view that the Americans are the worlds bully and threat to world peace!"

I don't think many people would argue that the Trump admin are a bunch of idiots and bullies, but you are being foolish to pretend Japan is a victim in it all when Abe is more than willing to throw the nation under the bus for Trump, and that is not victimhood, it is utter stupidity. Japan has pretended to be a leader in the tech industry for ages, but refused to budge from old models and old methods, while China and other nations surpass it. What is Japan supposed to do? Try moving to alternative fuel sources already instead of insisting NPs be restarted or if not we have to stick with oil and coal. It's expensive to invest in alternatives, but this current situation is what happens when you don't.

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This isn't a problem for Japan and was already dealt with last year. There will be no crisis or anything. The largest fossil fuel used is still coal and LNG, both about equal these days. Renewables are also doing very well. Geothermal are located inside National Parks. Difficult but not impossible. Kansai electric said it would decrease their monthly rates when their reactors were restarted but in fact charge increased by ¥1/kWh.

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