Abe to raise North Korean abductions at Trump summit


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"Japan's government worries the emotive matter of the abductees, which Abe has made a key issue during his political career, will take a back seat to nuclear and missile issues in the U.S.-North Korean summit."

Might hurt to realize but "IT SHOULD!"

I got downvoted in another article for saying this but this is a bilateral issue Japan needs to discuss with North Korea. Abe mentioned (more for political distraction I feel.) about meeting NK but I hope they do to resolve this Japanese issue. Using these poor families as political pawns is LDP snakeoil and shouldn't be a factor in the upcoming summits of Korea and with the US.

The problem of Nuclear Missiles and NK criminal acts of nuclear proliferation are at the very least a regional destabilizing problem if not a global issue to the world and should be at the forefront of the discussions.

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Abe to raise North Korean abductions at Trump summit

Ok what's the pre-arranged agenda? That's what typically constitutes a summit, but this just looks like Abe running across the ocean to get his two cents in with Trump to bolster his poll standings at home!

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won't work, nice try

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"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday he would explain Japan's stance on the North Korean abduction of Japanese citizens in a meeting with Donald Trump...."

Because... ummm... the US is involved... ummm... somehow?

"Japan's government worries the emotive matter of the abductees, which Abe has made a key issue during his political career, will take a back seat to nuclear and missile issues in the U.S.-North Korean summit."

As it rightly should. Sorry, but nuclear proliferation and disarmament affect ALL of us. Abe using this issue every single time his ratings are down through scandal and inability to fulfil promises affects only himself and the abductees' kin. I feel for the people, but this is a bilateral issue Abe should raise with Kim when THEY meet; not something for him to guide Trump to bring up in THAT bilateral meeting, and then derail talks once again.

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And shame on Abe for using these people every time he gets mired in scandal.

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japan is actively trying to sabotage korean peace, because a divided, weaker korea is the only thing keeping it remotely competitive economically and poltically.

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Feeling the hear domestically?

Cue Abe's favourite distraction routine.

the NK bogieman and rimming the Don.

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Heat not hear.

bloody auto spellcheck

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This old LDP chestnut again.The only time Abe and the good ok' boys at Nippon Kaigi think of all of these unfortunate souls is when their poll numbers are down.

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Sad... all because of the the past that cannot be laid to rest for a while just because of "principle" and "human rights" and a few other ideals. Abe is forced to calm domestic political discontent while faced with what can be a "dire" situation and consequence for Japan as a nation. This is NOT the time or the place to make "demands" that do not relate to the "problem" and "issues" at hand, which are nuclear and missile "threat" from N Korea and the hostile "threat" from China.

That was probably because of the problematic political finger pointing and innuendos the opposing parties have been raising and the constant and irritating media hype with "so called" authorities on the subject of Abe involvement in some discounted land sale, making comments without being at the site to have all the facts to begin with.

The bargaining tool for US and Japan is first and foremost removal of economic sanctions and actual "involvement" in "assisting" N Korea adjust to S Korea and the US allies to normalize relationships so that there may be no "threat" of war. It has nothing to do with more "theats" and "demads" for whatever reason. N Korea already "knows" :exactly" where it stands. That is why they had to build the nuclear arsenal and the missiles to begin with. They are surrounded by 2 immediate super powers ready to "pounce" on an opportunity to take over.

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If The Abe really, really wanted to solve the kidnapping issue and either bring back the people or their bodies he would:

a. Stop all trade including sending money back to NK via a third country,

b. Start talks with SK about how best to precede,

c. Offer a carrot to NK to resolve the issue,

d. Meet with NK, not Megumi’s parents,

e. Separate the kidnappings from any other negotiations,

f. Talk like The OrangeHead of the US: Bluster and craziness for War!

He won’t because then he’d resolve the kidnappings and have no bogey man to scare his citizens with.

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Its so much area thinking, half a country against an island country

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PM Abe looks so angry and so strong in this photo.Only PM Abe, and Vice PM Aso can stand up to big bully North Korea. Opposition Parties i Japan can not do this.I hope President Kim knows there will be NO meeting with PM Abe unless you resolve premanently the abductees situation, promise to stop missiles attack Japan,and stop Nuclear weapons Program.

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Give it a rest there, Shinzarino, nobody outside Japan gives a crap.

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This is a diversion from Abe's scandal. He is cynically using these unfortunate parents of abductees. Shame on Abe.

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What’s the more important discussion and the Main reason for the upcoming meeting between the U.S. and NK —Nuclear purliferation and threats to World Peace or — a 40 year old dispute between GOJ and NK over Child Abduction of Japanese Citizens. The Chlld abduction question is between GOJ and NK period and needs to be addressed in the chambers of the UN since the discussions between GOJ and NK over the years has failed to produce a satisfactory solution ! Maybe GOJ should bar it’s citizens entry into the Korean peninsula for businesses or travel.

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It’s a win-win for both parties. Abe the Nerd can deflect talk about his cronyism for a while and the do-nothing relatives of the abductees can take another swig from the public trough.

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Ganbare Japan!Today  08:54 pm JST

PM Abe looks so angry and so strong in this photo.

Ooh-er. Sounds like someone really, really likes Shinzo Abe.

Only PM Abe, and Vice PM Aso can stand up to big bully North Korea. 

The same PM Abe that only started talking about wanting to meet Kim Jong-Un after Trump had said he would do so?

I hope President Kim knows there will be NO meeting with PM Abe unless...

I doubt if he cares much what PM Abe's conditions are. He hasn't expressed any particular desire to meet Abe, has he? I mean, who would? Except you, maybe.

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This means he wants Trump to bring this up with Kim Jong-un, but in doing so this undermines the need to talk to Kim directly. Also I doubt Trump would remember to bring it up at all, let alone formulate words the translator has any hope of using, so it's all quite useless.

Bigger things outside Japan has to happen first

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PM Abe looks so angry and so strong in this photo.

I just saw it on another website. He looks bored and contemptuous. That's most likely his attitude towards the other people in the picture that he finds so useful for getting votes in elections, especially now they keep saying they want him to do things that are totally beyond his extremely limited ability.

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The probability of the abductees being alive is very slim. But that NK may be able to provide conclusive information is not so slim. At this stage we need every issue to use at the negotiating table, and that includes not just the Japanese abductees, but the even more numerous South Korean currently estimated at 480 people, and other nationals.


The abduction is not going to have any particular affect on the negotiations. After all, NK cares about preserving it's nuclear capability while negotiating limiting it. NK couldn't care less about the abductees, unless it can be traded for something.

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The best way for the abduction issue is to talk to NK directly, through China. Maximal pressure definitely won't resolve the problem. Abe made strategic mistake in the second term for his anti-China policy. In his first term, Abe was actually very popular in China. Abe must apologize to China sincerely and work doubly hard to regain the trust from China.

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OssanAmericaToday 11:15 am JST

The probability of the abductees being alive is very slim.

That's a much more sensible and realistic viewpoint you have than Abe with his "my mission will not end until you can hug your relatives again" nonsense. If he's not hopelessly naïve then he's shamelessly cynical and manipulative.

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Abe is first and foremost......a politician. That explains everything.

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US national reporters began talking about Abe visiting USA. They are only guessing. But sounds they are scared of Japan than each Korea.

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